In my 54 years on the planet, I have let happiness guide me for the most part. Going over my life, the times when I have not let happiness guide me-those were my darkest moments. It is not the “grand” things that bring me joy, it is those little ones, the ones that we take for granted. Last week I adopted 2 adult siamese cats, I was not looking to adopt at all. It all began a about a month ago I met a woman named Jill who was in Paper Source (yes I have a paper fetish) with her lovely Roswell who was on a leash, I had never seen a cat on a leash that was as happy as this one. So of course I started chatting with Roswell’s mom Jill and she told me about an organization called Siamese Rescue that she was a member of, and how they are always looking for families to adopt and the rest is history. These two kitties bring me so much joy, I can’t even describe how these two fur balls along with my resident cat Tiny make me so happy.



My Babies...

My Babies…

I am passionate about my photography. I was always the point and shoot camera person, always giving friends pictures in the “old” days, always documenting events. I started taking classes with my departed brother 14 years ago, but did not finish the course- it was not my time, my brother however finished the program and worked as a professional photographer until his untimely death. I knew I needed to pick up the baton and continue his legacy and pursue something that I always dreamed of doing. I have become a hunter of light, always noticing how light is landing on an object, wondering what that light would look illuminating someones hair or the curve of a body forming a pretty silhouette. Being “happy” doing my craft keeps me in a state of perfecting my work, always trying to be better each session, learning everything I can and shooting every day.



When I go over my long life and I reflect on the moments when I was not happy, times when I was trying to be something I was not…trying to be what I thought others wanted me to be…those were dark moments. Moments not wasted necessarily, but times that contributed to the woman I am today. I remember feeling bad for dropping out of college, dating guys who would say crazy things like “If only you had a degree, you seem so smart” or “I really like you, but I envision myself being with a college graduate”.  It took me a long time to realize that those same guys who were putting me down had their own insecurities and putting me down somehow made them feel better. Of course years later I returned to school and finished my degree, I realized I was still the same person,  that the degree was just a piece a paper and it did not represent happiness or success.

Gigi's Graduation 2006

Gigi’s Graduation 2006

Another key to happiness is finding some source of joy in life no matter what is going on, something that brings a smile on your face. Don’t focus on the negativity, shut it down, align yourself with positivity, it may be something as simple as escaping in a good book, or taking a walk, practicing yoga- just do something. Be true to yourself and learn to LOVE who you are and all your idiosyncrasies. Remember those you judge you based on your “truth” have their own demons. You can’t change where you come from, the color of your skin, choices you have made-but none of those things have to define you, the world is out there waiting for you to make your mark to make a difference. So start today or continue-to get your HAPPY on…Enjoy your Wednesday!

My Current (yes it changes)  Top 10 HAPPY THINGS

1. Photography-speicifically shooting women 35+ and making them feel beautiful-like an A-lister

2. good gourmet vegan food-either at a restaurant or something I prepared & entertaining whether a friend for tea or a club meeting…

3. cut fragrant roses from my garden- have you noticed that store bought roses have no scent…

4. international fashion magazines & foreign films

5. korean spas-something about a strong lady wearing a black bra and panty scrubbing me until my skin is like a newborn baby

6. deeply discounted beautiful designer shoes- that can makes my heart skip a beat

7. my natural kinky curly hair – i have embraced it and all its wild ways and have never looked back to my creamy crack days

8. my 3 kitty children-their love is divine

9. travel- whether it is around the world, or to a new neighborhood

10. Friends-old and new-past and current- what would I do without my village?









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