Golden Gladiator #1 Rosetta

I love celebrating women who live life to the fullest, especially women who are of a certain age, that are embracing who they are at every decade never missing a beat. So I am thrilled to present to you my first “golden gladiator” Rosetta.




Rosetta and I met when our girls were in pre-school 20 years ago. Initially it was a friendship based on our little girls, getting them together for their play dates.

They were like siamese twins, so of course our friendship blossomed over time we spent sitting in the park watching the girls and talking about everything. Now those girls are young ladies finished with college and starting their careers. Although we were blessed to be able to focus on our families, we never forgot about who we were as women, outside of our role of full time moms. I sat down with Rosetta and over a cup of tea we chatted about her recent graduation from law school (btw at the top of her class) at the young age of 56.

GIGI: I remember when we met, two things you shared with me: 1. that you were fluent in french and had lived in Paris 2. that you wanted to be a lawyer.

Rosetta: At the age of 15 I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. After graduating from USC I moved to Paris, while there I had a near fatal accident. I moved back to the states to recover. While home I attended a party where I met my husband, we got married started our family, and I put my law school dream on the top shelf.



GIGI: Why did you decide to go to law school now? I remember you went back to school in 2006 and completed your real estate license, and then you got your brokers license and had established your business and were doing quite well.

Rosetta: It was always my plan to get my law degree at some point. My older daughter had graduated from college and my younger daughter had started college so the time was right for me, my husband was supportive of my plan as well.

GIGI: Was it difficult returning to school, considering you were a little more “mature” than the other students? I remember when I returned to school many times I was older than my professors.

Rosetta: Not at all…quite the opposite, I was not “trying to meet someone” so there were no distractions, I was so much more prepared than some of my younger counterparts. I could manage my time- all those years of balancing my family and their lives came in handy. I also stood out in my class, I “dressed everyday” the younger students were very casual and I was focused on my course work.

GIGI: Were there times when you got discouraged?

Rosetta: Yes, every semester I doubted myself. But what kept me going was my husband, morning runs with my running partner Angie, and my support system of 3 women who I met with regularly. I also always had a positive attitude and studied nonstop, basically I did what ever I had to do to do the work.

GIGI: What is your passion? And any advice to those who may be thinking about making a life change, later in life?

Rosetta: My passion is for women and property. Through my real estate business I have seen so many women who are not prepared and as a result they end up in poverty by making uninformed decisions. My advice is to follow your passion whatever it is, and never give up. Do not let your age be a deterrent.

GIGI: Well I know you will make a difference and come up with a plan or a program empowering women you have always been a “giver” as long as I have known you.

Rosetta J.D.

Rosetta J.D.

Rosetta I want to share with my followers some of your tips on “keeping it together” you are beautiful inside and out and your body is slamming…

1. Pray everyday

2. I fast 2 days per week

3. I run 2 to 3 times per week (6 miles)

4. 2 days per week I go to the gym and do strength training

5. sit ups, push ups, hydrants 200 per day of each

6. weigh daily

7.watch my diet, but I don’t deprive myself of a treat now and then

8. always purpose to weigh what it says on my license on my birthday

9. Peace

There you have it from gladiator Rosetta…with her plan we would all be ready for “battle”.



Happy Weekend Everybody



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