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This past weekend was incredibly busy. Between working on my “business” and my typical tendency to cram to many things into a day–I am worn out! Part of my problem is that I love life and I try to live each day to the fullest, never wanting to miss out on anything. Sunday was my marathon day, first I had a shoot with a beautiful family, the weather was perfect, the park was not busy, the children were adorable, my cohort Elsy was phenomenal, my BFF Blaine was stylist extraordinaire, my hubby provided refreshments,we finished on time and the the family was still smiling. Here’s a sneak peak.

The Girls

The Girls

That should have been enough, the rest of the afternoon should have been spent relaxing, instead of just beginning. Next stop downtown LA to a trunk show by Wunmi, her line is aptly called WOW WOW, the colorful collection brightly patterned dresses, pants and tops, was a sensory overload. I wanted everything, but it was a little after 3 and we had tickets for a movie at 4 in Santa Monica, so I knew I did not have time to try on anything, but Wunmi told me this was the last day of the show and she was going back to NY, so I just went on my instinct and bought a dress that can be worn 4 ways. I love that all the fabrics are fair trade and hand dyed, which gives each garment a unique look.



my "wow wow" dress

my “wow wow” dress


With 30 minutes to spare we were on our way to Santa Monica to see Mother of George a film that is only playing at The Royal Laemmle. You all know I love Kerry Washington, Morris Chestnut, Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassestt just to name a few, but this film had no actors I recognized and I was awe struck. The cinematography is beautiful, the colors and the lighting are a story within the story. The opening wedding scene is an elegant ceremony saturated with vibrant color and music. It is the story of a Nigerian couple Adenike and Ayodele living in Brooklyn, who are unable to conceive and the pressures that come along with that from the family in particular the husband’s mother, this could be anyones story. I remember after I had Amani it took us six years to get pregnant with Reggie and well meaning friends and family would innocently ask us when are we having another baby, not knowing we were desperately trying. This film poses the question, how far would you go to have a baby? This is a must see film filled with spectacular imagery, although you will have to go out of your way to see this one it is well worth it, matter of fact I am going to see it again with Reggie. I wish there were more films like this, where you really feel the emotions of the characters.

After the screening there was a Q and A with the producer who also played the brother of the main character in the film, Anthony Okungbowa, that was really insightful of what goes on behind the scenes and the challenges of getting a film like this made.

Gigi & Producer

Gigi & Producer Anthony Okungbowa

Blaine & Producer


Ok by now I should be going home, but instead back downtown for a dinner reservation at one of my favorite restaurants, Baco Mercat. So back on the freeway and we zoom downtown for a nice dinner, btw we had not eaten all day, so we were beyond hungry. Reggie meets us there and to our surprise my other BFF Denise walks in with her family, so of course we are delighted at this unplanned reunion.

BACO ladies...

BACO ladies…


Finally on the way home, exhausted, but I am determined to write my post, one of my list items-write my blog daily and be consistent. So it is 1:15AM  friends and I’m not quite finished yet. I hope your weekend was productive and interesting as well. I’m looking forward to a productive week and getting a lot done.

Happy Monday



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