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I don’t know about you, but there are so many things I want to do, places I want to go, experiences I want to have-before I am to old or in my case “older”. My daughter Amani turned 23 yesterday, as I looked at her birth announcement that I have framed along with all our yearly holiday photo cards that each year are retired to a permanent montage on the wall, as cliche’ as it sounds ” time really does zoom by”. I am reminded every morning as I glance at my “family” life.

Birth Announcement

Birth Announcement

The Wall

The Wall


Everything on my list really is doable-the fantasy things, such as living in a foreign land are just that fantasies, and I don’t focus on the “have it all” list either. For the most part I’m content where I am, not Jones-ing for a new car or a bigger house, or another designer bag, OK maybe a pair of shoes but I’m good where I am.  Going to Brazil, Madagascar,  Bali, New Zealand are just a few destinations on my long list, I know I will get to those eventually, it is the day to day lists that are sometimes overwhelming. I often feel as though there is not enough hours in the day to do everything, perhaps it is because I am always bombarding my brain with new information, and like my MAC it starts going real slow and of course my friend “time management” is always at my backdoor.

I’m a list writer and before I go to bed I jot down my “to do” list, you know the usual suspects, go to the cleaners, bank, store etc. or clean this up, email and such, those lists I handle pretty well. The list that challenges me is the one that has items like this:

1. kids need to be responsible adults and be able to take care of themselves.

2. We need to be healthy – so we can “see” item 1.

3. keep spiritually grounded

4. don’t let the small shit, get to me…

5. take quality time for those that are important to me–tomorrow is not promised…yeah another cliche-but this year I have learned the hard way

6. continue to take a stand-even if it means fallout

7. have a desaster plan in place – ie. if Reggie’s stroke really would have been bad- What was my plan?

8. keep working on having that “jamming” beach body- never give up

9. apply lotions and potions every night-and when that fails go for the big guns–

10. Every day live a FULL life- take time to do something SPECIAL

Happy Monday and let me start on my lists…





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