The “Men- All- Pause”

Odds are if you are old enough to remember this song, you are experiencing or have experienced “men-all-pause”. I have been pretty fortunate, my symptoms have been pretty minor. Never ever had a hot flash or a night sweat as of yet, but I have had my moments of unexplainable rage against those that I love and random strangers. My boobs have gotten bigger, and not just from being a little heavier, in my 20’s I struggled to fill an “A” cup, post babies I grew into a 34 B and as of last month, at my bra fitting by a bra fitting specialist no less I am a solid 32D!

my fav bra

my fav bra natori feather bra

My grays are getting a little more aggressive, but I don’t think I can blame that on “men-all-pause”, and wearing my hair “au natural” those grays are buried in a hay stack. My hair is thinner, but considering how thick it was growing up this is a good thing.

Gigi big hair

Gigi big hair


Now the face. Let’s just say I pay a lot more attention to lotions,  potions and all the magical creams I read about. I stop and read the ads about botox, fillers and have even cruised the websites. Right now I still like what I see for the most part, the “character” of me, the “grown and sexy” version. I can wake up and tell by looking in the mirror if I had that extra glass of wine or if I did not have my 64 oz minimum of water the day before.

hydrate always

hydrate always

love this stuff

love this stuff

Now for the body…I’m in a state of emergency. Me and my “butt” are at war! What used to work is not doing nada…The old me always had a little waist, but the “men-all-pause” is trying to snatch it away. The thighs are trying to catch up with the waist, trust me -not good and it is to hot to succumb to the dreaded power underwear ie. spanx, although I do have my stash for those “red carpet” moments. Yes, for the most part I practice a vegan diet, but the nuts, and other delicacies can do their damage too, a calorie is a calorie I’m just saynin’. So I have bumped up the workouts, I’m trying to shock this 54 year-old body, that is about to break the speed limit in a minute into submission. I am doing everything from the “rockin model workout”, “beach body ready”, “stacked”, “tread and shread”, “whipped” pilates, yoga, zumba, swimming, biking, you name it, I’m doing it, cause I ain’t going out like that!

it's pricy but I love my gym

it’s pricy but I love my gym

I’m at peace knowing and accepting that my pre-kidlet 22 year old body is a relic of the past, and I have no desire to be a size “0” or XS, however I do want to be fit and be the best that I can be, and I know I have to get out of my comfort zone and work a lot harder. I can’t worry about if I am the oldest person in the “rockin model” class, or if I can’t rock a bra top and a pair of lulu bootie shorts… I know the benefits of being active are so great and important for this next phase of life. No, it is not easy, my knees and joints don’t recover as fast, for the last couple of weeks I have been in a constant state of feeling as though I am recovering from a car wreck. My advice to the young-nins if you don’t have a good workout routine start and make it part of your lifestyle, if you are a little more mature like me, find something you like and be consistent and if you are already doing it–don’t ever stop, oh and by the way if whatever you are doing is easy, trust me it probably isn’t working.

Now please excuse me and my butt we have a workout to get to…

Happy Tuesday XOXO GIGI

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