Rejection is the New Acceptance…



This took me a long time to learn and receive. Rejection whether professional, from a friend, a club, a lover, a client, or any type of relationship can be painful, at the time it is difficult to be open to see what is “around the corner”. I believe that some things or persons are only meant to be in your life for a season, and you have to be able to accept the good and know that these situations contribute to making you the person you are today.

As I reflect on my own life experiences I certainly have had my ration of rejection, everything from the boyfriend that I thought the world revolved around to the weird “job” that was going nowhere. I had so many weird jobs, even got fired from a couple, that I knew early on that I had to work for myself. I have had friendships that ended, but after the pain of the perceived loss was gone, I could focus on all the good that came from the relationship and how I am “me’ because of bits and pieces that I gained or learned.

My daughter Amani, is working on becoming an applicant for medical school, I am constantly telling her to be open to all possibilities, don’t focus on “if I don’t get in”…Reggie will be a senior and I am telling him the same thing, you can only go to one college so you really only need one acceptance and that you will get. For me and my business if everyone wanted me to photograph them I would not have the time, I shoot an average of one client per week, which if I worked every week, which I don’t, that would be about 50 people, so with that limited number, I don’t worry about why is that person not booking a session with me…which allows me to really focus on each client and really get to know them and give them a special unique experience, instead of a “formula” shoot.

So my friends embrace your day including any rejection you may have and know something better is waiting for you!





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