My Mantra…

Be Happy

Be Happy

This is how I strive to live every day. At 55 I am reminded almost daily of how short life really is and that it takes way to much energy to be angry. Of course I have my moments, but when I do I quickly regroup and question myself “Is this really necessary?”.  I find that sometimes you have to be a little selfish, because well meaning friends will share their anger with you on various matters, you want to listen and perhaps give advice, but when the friend wants to constantly share negativity over and over it can become a bit much.

I’m pretty simple and can find happiness is the smallest things, like waking up early and hearing the faint sound of birds chirping, or noticing the way the light comes through a window in the afternoon. I’m happiest when I am able to help someone, especially someone who is not expecting anything. I love hearing success stories and good news.

Embracing where I am in this life and not worrying about what I should be doing or what others feel I should be doing. Loving this complicated aging process and accepting the good the bad and the ugly. And lastly being so thankful for everyday I wake up, and my family is fine, and I know where I am and what time it is, never taking anything for granted.

Happy Tuesday!



Mimi & moi

Mimi & moi

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