What does real strength look like?

Gigi & Mom

Gigi & Mom

Today my mom is having surgery. I’m amazed at her incredible strength, she has endured 12 weeks of chemo, watched her daughter battle cancer, lost her only son to cancer, another daughter diagnosed a month ago, her ex-husband died of cancer and numerous friends over the years have battled this horrific disease. There is no rhyme or reason why my 83-year-old mom would “get it”…

This past weekend my mom went with my family to San Francisco, we went all over the city, lots of walking, you would never know by her attitude that she had all this “mess” hanging over her. She was a trooper. I’m so glad we had this time together.

I don’t have the answer to this disease, once again like a broken record–Live each day like there is no tomorrow! Don’t waste time being angry, Forgive and love…and do the best you can taking care of your body–exercise, eat well, and take care of the mental “you”.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

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