Gigi’s meanderings around the Web # 3

A little of this and that from around the web.

Gigi is a member of Jack and Jill and on occasion has to dress in uninterrupted white. She was inspired by this pic of our first lady .

Gigi will admit it. She too sometimes is nosey and goes clicking around facebook in places she shouldn’t be clicking…Is all that coming to an end?

Gigi grew up carrying a “dime” for a phone call in a phone booth. Look at how this phone booth was repurposed.

Gigi is curious about what Russell Simmons yoga wear will look like. She loves any excuse to add to her yoga attire.

Gigi’s husband Reggie, loves yoga too, he tells her all the time how it helps his “game”. I guess a lot of “ballers” are reaping the benefits of yoga.

Gigi wonders at times is she addicted to the internet?

Gigi has a new camera, so she has been reading a lot about photography lately and came across this.

Gigi is really happy to be walking away is these, scored on sale at Saks!

Prada Sandal

Prada Sandal






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