Gigi’s meanderings around the web #2

A little of this and that around the web…

Gigi’s friend Juliana turned her on to this brazilian singer a few years ago, and she has been listening to him ever since. She loves his deep sexy voice. This is one of her favorite summer songs.

Gigi wants you to see this movie right away.

Gigi is going to make her version of this.

Gigi will be watching this 17 year-old girl at the summer olympics in London.

Gigi loves Chaka Khan, she looks fabulous, and she knows her dear friend Raw T’s delicious raw gourmet cuisine is contributing to all that gorgeousness.

Gigi wants to have an arm party.

Gigi wants you to check out this diy activity, and share it with your teens.

Gigi is going to do this.

Gigi knows why there are so many eating disorders, because of stuff like this.

Gigi recommends this for all your travel needs.

Gigi walks away in these. They look Valentino-isque and Gigi loves Valentino.



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