50 Ways to be Happy…

With so much going on in the world, that I cannot control, my personal well being is important. We should all work on having as much happiness in our lives as possible. So I came up with this list of things that make me happy, of course I have sad moments too, but for the most part I work hard at “happy”. I always try to find the good in a situation.

A couple of weeks ago my car stalled on me in Hollywood, my son and his friend were in the car, we were on the way downtown to have lunch and we were starving, it was one of those “missed breakfast kinda days”. It was also a really hot day, and I had just had my car serviced the day before, and paid a lot of money, so I could have instantly gotten “mad” and called the dealer and went off, but instead I just called Automobile club and just wandered around Santa Monica Blvd. for a moment until my car was towed, 2 hours later we were in a loaner car and went and had an early dinner at the beach and continued on with the rest of our day, making the most of the situation.

So here is my list:

1. Chose to be happy. 2. laugh out loud. 3. Eat Green- ie. as many green veggies as possible 4. Smile.

5. Daily gratitude.

6. Forgive and forgive. 7. Look for the good instead of the bad. 8. Shut down negativity 9. Do something daily that makes you happy 10. Exercise. 11. Practice yoga 12. Quit complaining. 13. Have friends you can talk to about  anything. 14. Celebrate often

15. Indulge in small pleasures 16. Spontaneous fun. 17. Seek our pleasant experiences. 18. Take up a hobby or revisit an old one. 19. Random acts of kindness. 20. Prepare food for someone 21. Surround yourself with beauty. 22. Meditate. 23. Spend time outside. 24. SLOW DOWN 25. Do what you can, there is always tomorrow. 26. Do “You” 27. Explore new places.

28. Smell something…roses, perfume, candles etc..29. Pet a kitten or a puppy. 30. Tell someone you love them. 31. Read

32. Inspire others 33. Watch the sunset 34. follow your passion 35. Say “no”, its okay. 36. Be romantic. 37. Dream big.

38. Avoid drama. 39. Look on the bright side. 40. Continue to learn. 41. Write. 42. Get enough sleep.

43. Stay hydrated.

44. Love yourself. 45. Face your fears. 46. So something magical. 47. Set an intention everyday.

48. Treat yourself. 49.Love and be loved and never give up on love. 50. Feed your spiritual soul.

What makes you happy? This list came off the top of my head so please add some that I may have missed.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Friday!



self portrait #9.5

self portrait #9.5


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