What I would tell a younger “ME”…

I keep seeing this you tube campaign encouraging people to make a video stating what they would tell a younger “self ” so I started thinking what would I tell a younger “Me”.

24 year old GIGI

24 year old GIGI

1. Explore- Be fearless. Get out of your comfort zone.

2. Be Happy- You’re young-take advantage of it while you can!

3. Be You – Don’t try to be something that you are not. btw trust me it does not work.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others. ie. there is always someone richer, skinnier, younger, taller, shorter etc.

5. Follow your passion- so you don’t have to finally do it when you are 50 plus.

6. It’s normal for your heart to be broken, so it can get stronger and bigger, so when the right one comes along you will be able to handle all the “right” love.

7. Take risks- you can afford to while you are young.

8. Travel. This is the time while you have no real responsibility ie. kids…

9. Nurture friendships and let go of the one-sided ones- cause they are not going to change…remember friends are the family members you choose, so be wise.

10. Trust.

11. Forgive.

12. Save money.

13. Develop a vegan-veggie lifestyle and exercise daily.

14. Be authentic

15. Read everything.

16. Work on goals and don’t get distracted…ie. “putting college on the back burner and then look up and years have gone by”

17. Have mentors you trust and admire. Surround yourself with friends of different ages, you can learn a lot…

18. Be the best version of you at all times.

19. Embrace and love yourself- love your body – love your hair- love everything about yourself, even what you perceive to be flaws.

20. Accept your family for who they are…

and lastly…

21. Have faith in God – believe in some higher power.

What would you tell a younger “you”? Please share…

Happy Friday,



self portrait #3

self portrait #3

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