2014 Another Year to Welcome



I came across this quote and thought about how everyday could be the “beginning of anything you want”. Most  of us end the year reflecting about the previous 12 months and then start the new year off with a host of resolutions, you know the usual suspects, exercise program, lose weight, eat better etc. and then come February, March the backsliding begins.

2014 will be a busy year for me, I’ll be celebrating 25 years of marriage in some manner, my son will be returning from Italy, starting his senior year, and the college application process. My business is starting the year with 3 sold out events, most of my waking moments are spent planning all the details I’m so excited, and of course I will be posting all the details here. On a lesser note, I will be on an emotional roller coaster, being the rock for a family member who is about to embark on the biggest battle of their life. With all of that going on, I still plan to post my musings here, inspired by things that bring me joy, things that inspire me, things that put a smile on my face in even the darkest moments.

gigi's Black eyed peas

gigi’s Black eyed peas

Today I made black eyed peas, a New Year tradition that is said to bring good luck. I modify a recipe from Samuelsson Marcus that I love, it is african/indian inspired preparation and if you like spice, it is simply delicious. All I do is saute in olive oil instead of butter, use veggie stock instead of chicken broth, and I use whatever fresh pepper I can find locally.



I do have a few personal goals for 2014

1. Take as many beautiful portraits that I can-many I will be sharing here.

2. Look for that perfect little casita, maybe in the desert, or by the sea or up in the mountains…it is something we have always talked about, but this may be the year to start seriously searching and make it happen.

3. Do another triathlon- sprint of course.

4. Keep calm and carry on…

5. Give back and make a difference whenever I can…

6. Travel , Travel and Travel–Brazil, Turkey, Vietnam, Madagascar, and Bali are just a few on my long list of places I hope to see one day.

7. Lastly continue to work on being my authentic self. Remember my journey is just that- my journey, and sometimes my GPS gets twisted, but it always recalculates and gets me going in the right direction again.

Remember this is your BEGINNING…





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