At my age, it’s not baubles and glittery trinkets I desire anymore, nor the bags, well maybe a pair of louboutins occasionally, I crave longevity, well-being, peace and the ability to sprinkle joy wherever I go, leaving a trail of happiness.

This past year presented a few health challenges for my loved ones. I quickly realized how fragile we really are, and how daunting our own mortality is considering how one day can be life changing. Disgusting diseases are a part of life, I wish no one had to suffer, that there was some magic potion that could be a cure all. I try and purpose to follow a clean life style, but I’m not perfect and I know nothing is guaranteed.

This Christmas I will celebrate in a foreign land. For the first time I skipped putting up my holiday decor, it feels a little odd. I realized my ritual of going through my ornaments is what I miss most, I have collected them from our travels over the years and enjoy reliving those moments as I would place them on the tree. The four of us will be celebrating together in Italy making new memories.

I hope your holiday is shaping up nicely. Perhaps you are attending soirees or hosting one of your own. Remember to savor these special times with family and friends.


Wear the good “shit” in the daytime–:)



amani & reggie

amani & reggie


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