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Saturday night we attended a special 2 hour hot yoga event, the room was steamy, the reggae rhythm was bumping, the “quiet storm” perfect pitch voice our yoga teacher Scott was smoothly guiding us through the vinyasa flow. As I struggled through the poses I reminded myself that my practice is just that “my practice” my moment to be the best that I can be at  that given moment, no more no less. Within ten minutes I was in my trance, not longer worrying about if my butt looked gi-normous in chair pose, or that my back bend was pretty lame, or that annoying fat roll was appearing when I did a side bend nor that my leg was not lifted as high as the rest of the yoginis. All of those conscious thoughts disappeared as I moved through the poses, taking an occasional child’s pose when needed for a short reprise.

After about an hour or so, my emotions began to come to the surface, perhaps it was when Scott said something like “release what binds you, so you can be free” I felt my eyes as they began to fill with water, slowly releasing tears that merged with the salty sweat forming a shiny glow on my face. I continued the poses with a spurt of energy, thankful for this time, for my life, my breath and my sanity.

I realized that the key to real happiness is accepting your personal best, rather than comparing yourself to your neighbor, friend, relative, or stranger, I may not ever do a beautiful headstand in the center of the room and that is OK. In life it is easy to compare ourselves with others, but when you are able to “let it go” and accept that your personal best is good enough, you eliminate the “keeping up with the Joneses” effect or the “green eyed” jealousy and her partner envy at bay. Find contentment with your own success and growth, I can do my passion without worrying about if I will be a six figure earning photographer or if I will be famous, shooting magazine covers.

I can do “ME” without thinking about if I am meeting someone else’s expectations. I can accept my imperfections and mistakes and I can forgive and forget. Free from the judgement of others or the petty punishments inflicted, I can purpose to improve on yesterdays actions and continue to “practice” and give my best.

I practice at Purple Yoga– a fabulous studio with awesome teachers. Scott Winslow led Saturday nights class.

Namaste XOXO,


yoga class

yoga class


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