Windy City Weekend



My love affair with traveling started on a cross country road trip when I was about 9. I fell in love with Holiday Inn’s, swimming pools, middle america, and samsonite luggage.

When I have a trip on my calendar this blogger is ready for role play before the TSA agent can say “Remove your shoes, jacket and lap top”. The windy city  is my next destination, after two weeks of tropical 85 degree days, it is a little difficult to pack for a chilly weekend. Cold weather, not my favorite, unless I am skiing and dressed in all my gear including hand warmers. Strategic carry on packing is always a challenge for me, every piece must work double duty.

Gigi’s Coat and Boots

I’ll start with my coat which I will wear, and boots, which I will pack, for me it is to hard to take knee high boots off, considering I have a tendency to run late and that step can be the difference between making my flight. Jeans, sweaters, dress for dinner and a good walking shoe so I can explore the city while my husband attends meetings. I couldn’t be more thrilled to visit our President’s town during this exciting time.

I’ve been to Chicago a few times but, never long enough to really explore. When I return I will share my findings in the windy city.

Have a Great Weekend!




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