What is Luxurious ?



Luxury does not have to be a label or be expensive. In our consumer driven society we are encouraged to accumulate “things”, the latest model car, or the “it” bag, or a pair of those “red bottom” shoes…I have been guilty of all the above, but I know these things are not the key to a luxurious life. Time is a luxury, savoring a moment is the ultimate luxury. It is so easy to get caught up in the rat race, rushing from point A to point B, never taking a break.

“Luxurious” is a state of mind, it is the manner in which you go about your day to day activities. Every other corner now has a drive thru Starbucks, yes, they are convenient, but luxurious? NO. Waking up a little earlier and making your own coffee or tea, using your china, and sitting down for 5 minutes or so, that is luxurious. Taking a bath with a nice fragrant oil, instead of the rushed shower, or putting pretty lingerie under your outfit, are simple ways to turn up your luxury dial. Write a letter on some nice stationary and send it to a friend or lover instead of shooting another cryptic text or email. Basically in our “light speed” life…SLOW DOWN! What is the real benefit of rushing? Let me know…

21 Ways to add a little luxury to your life:

1. Fresh Flowers-make your own arrangement, from your garden, the flower mart or pick up a few from Trader’s Joe-

flowers are everywhere in Italy...these were sold from the back of a truck

flowers are everywhere in Italy…these were sold from the back of a truck

2. Spontaneity- be flexible-don’t be so rigid- don’t think about it- just do something out of your comfort zone

3. Unplug. Shut it Down. Look across the table and make eye contact without a device in your hand or on the table

4. Prepare a meal from scratch- not something you made last week and stuck in the freezer, but something fresh

5. Have a dessert and savor it-

6. Plant a garden, it can be a little herb garden- just grow something that you can harvest

my garden

my garden

7. Invite friends over instead of “meeting” at a place

8. Sleep in, preferable in something pretty…or nada.

9. Appreciate where you are in your life.

10. Get a massage.

11. Photograph a moment through your eyes- take the time to capture something you find beautiful-our phones now have amazing cameras

12. Listen actively.

13. Play dress-up…put on a gown and go to the store-and see the reaction.



14. Dance.

15. Music.

16. Burn decadent candles

17. Sustainable lifestyle-live in your “lane” but do it well- nothing worse than living on the edge- been there, not fun.

18. Always work on your body- inside and out

Chair Pose

Gigi yoga

19. Cultivate your friendships- it is not the quantity but the quality–learned this one the hard way.

20. Take time to smell the roses…

J & J flowers at registration



Happy Friday! Have a Wonderful Weekend.



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