What Could You Give Up?

If given a choice what could you give up? Your hair? Breasts? Complexion? Lashes” Brows? Figure? Self confidence? Faith? Integrity? All of the above?






lashes & brows

lashes & brows



I asked myself that question yesterday. Most of us love our “physical self” we abide by the mantra “love yourself”, but what happens when the “self” is confronted with change? How do you continue to love as opposed to hating “self”? The body that betrayed you, and now is becoming a fragment of your previous self.

Tears Streaming

-nausea most likely

-day 14 – 17 hair gone

– white count down

-can’t have intercourse at this time

-metallic taste

-numb feeling

-once every 3 weeks

-everyday for 6 weeks

-the pill for 10 years

-no more babies

-early menopause

-don’t get pneumonia


Change is frightening. There is a lot I don’t know about, but what I do know is how to live. I do know how to shut down the petty bull shit and keep moving. I do know how to let stuff out and be vulnerable. I do know how to forgive and admit mistakes.

I embrace 100% of me, and it is the inner most parts that I would not want to give up. The exterior “pretty” parts are not ours to keep, they are fading each decade regardless of what you do to desperatly hold on to them…it is part of the life cycle. Those inner parts however, your soul and heart are what enables you to confront adversity and find strength to deal with whatever blocks your path, if you give up your soul, and faith you are jacked. The external markings can be replaced, bought, rejuvenated, but the soul-less person is lost-

So my friends happy Friday..

“Stay calm and carry on”!






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