What are you willing to give up?

I’m always reading something, online, magazines, a book or the newspaper-I’m old school I still get it delivered daily, I keep my notebook handy and if I come across something interesting I will jot it down, so the other day I came across this quote:

“People who look like they have everything they want are actually the people who are most clear on what they are willing to give up.”

I thought about it for a moment as it relates to my own life and it was so clear. Basically it goes back to being happy with what you have at any given moment, instead of what you don’t have… We live in a suburb outside of LA proper in a little sleepy town, I’m very happy here, although sometimes I hear “hmmmmm I don’t know how you live out there…it is so far” or “I could never do all the driving you all do”  Living where we live, was a choice we made, and we are okay with not living in LA proper, or in my case I gave up living at the beach prior to getting married.

Beach House

Beach House

Do I wish I had a hermes birkin bag?  No, I’m happy with my pretty bags that I have accumulated from various sales here and there. Do I have hair envy when I see someone with long straight shiny hair blowing? Hmmmm no, I gave that up when I decided to wear my hair in its natural state. The list goes on and on.

Hermes Birkin

Hermes Birkin

The key is figuring out what you can comfortably give up and still be happy. I love traveling, but being self employed there is only so much time my husband and I can take off, without our businesses suffering, so the romantic notion of living abroad for a month or so, is not in our future, but I can go and see a lot on a 4 day trip. I remember after 9/11 we scored some tickets to London for $200 RT, we left on a Wednesday and returned on a Sunday, spent 3 days there and had a blast.

Life is to short to always look for the negative, or to feel as though the entire world is out to get you. Remember there is always going to be someone who is younger than you , richer than you, skinnier than you etc. but once you exhale and give in to your authentic self, everything else will fall into place. We really are in control, and sometimes when you give up certain things other opportunities will come your way. It may be little things like waking up earlier to exercise to get the fit body your want,  or taking an online class to pick up a new skill or maybe fine tuning your “friend” circle to those who really are there for you and you both mutually enhance each others lives.

So what are you willing to give up? I’m curious, we all are so different and what is important to me may not be important to you. Please share…

Happy Wednesday,



“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. – Gore Vidal


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