What Are You Afraid Of?



It is easy to pretend to be fearless, to be brave in all situations, to be invincible- but we all have something that scares the SHIT out of us.



As I get older my “fear list” has changed. When I was younger my list was simple, things like spiders, roller coasters, heights, and oddly enough losing my teeth.

losing teeth SCARY

losing teeth SCARY

fear of heights...

fear of heights…

Now my fears are more serious- grown up stuff-complex- I realize that to have fear, the scary kind, you have to care about something, you have fear because  something matters to you. I try and manage my fear but it is not easy, yoga is helpful, just have to practice more often.

My top 5 fears, in no particular order:

1. My children. My daughter lives in NYC, and I can’t help but to worry about her, especially at night. My son-17 year-old African-American boy-enough said…

Gigi's son

Gigi’s son


2. My well-being. With 4 of my immediate family members having cancer-it is something that is on my mind. I try to do the “right” things, but I know that Cancer sometimes has no rhyme or reason, so I just do the best I can to take care of my health and carefully choose what I put in my body.

3. My husband. We are at the age where stuff happens…so I can’t help sometimes to think about the “what if” s.

4. Losing my teeth.

5. Earthquakes-they scare the Shit out of me…just recovering from the one we had a few months ago.



What are you afraid of? And how do you deal with your fear?

Happy Thursday,



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