Weekend Observations

Gigi & kids

Gigi & kids

My family is a complete unit this weekend, I am cherishing the time for these moments will be rare for the upcoming year. My son will be doing his junior year of high school abroad in Italy with SYA.



We can visit him but he will not be able to come home, the program is a total immersion and SYA wants the students to come away fluent in italian.




My daughter is a “New Yorker” and is working a “real” job and taking science courses to strengthen her medical school application. I was always told that my family would grow up fast and to savior every day, and did it zoom by. Of course this weekend, our first together since Christmas, Amani heads out to Santa Barbara, and my son is with friends every waking moment, but I was able to corral them together for an evening.

At the last minute I got tickets from Gold Star, a great source for discounted tics, for August Wilson’s, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, directed by Phylicia Rashad. The cast was phenomenal, I am glad we were able to catch this production on the closing night at the Mark Taper. I have seen all of the August Wilson plays and I am still mesmerized as if I am seeing it for the first time.


Saturday night was a real treat, we went with friends to the Hollywood Bowl to see Andrea Bocelli, what a voice, an incredible evening under the stars. A surprise appearance by Fantasia, she did a wonderful rendition of Summertime. I love concerts at the bowl, so magical, and for me it signifies the beginning of the summer season. It does not even matter who is performing, it makes for a nice evening and I always see other friends, so it becomes a reunion of sorts.

Molly & Gigi

Molly & Gigi

Reggie picked up some goodies from Joan’s on Third, and Molly & Lamar brought a variety of treats from Olives so combined we had a complete feast.

Joan's On Third

Joan’s On Third

Still chipping away at Photoshop, I like the vibe of Julia Dean, and may take another class or two there this summer. Photoshop being a left brain program, I am slowly wrapping my right brain around it and a least getting a basic understanding of the program.


As time goes by, I am constantly reminded of the importance of family, it is difficult at times to arrange these gatherings, flights are never cheap any more, but I am delighted when we are all together. Sometimes we disagree, but at the end of the day we are always there for each other, and will go through whatever to support and help make their dreams realities.

Hope you had a good weekend as well.





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