Weekend Meanderings…

This weekend was a welcome break from a stressful week, I was looking forward to a low key weekend, if there is even such a thing in my world. Halloween started out wet, and I’m not talking about the much needed rain we got, there is a leak in my garage that had flooded one car stall. I called our plumber right away, and of course as luck would have it,  we need a “leak specialist” to come out and locate the pipe that is broken and of course that person is not available until Monday morning, hence no running water for the weekend. So instead of moving out for the weekend, we decided we would go to the gym and use the bathroom there. Thank goodness for gym memberships.

My son finished his early decision college apps! I was happy to give up the credit card numbers in exchange for pressing submit before the November 1 deadline. Now the waiting begins. It is an exciting time for our family.

So moving into Halloween evening, we decided to go to dinner, since we have no running water so I made a reservation at a place I had been wanting to try, Alma. I had read lots of reviews, in 2013 they were voted one of the top new restaurants in the country by Bon Appetit magazine, so I was excited to finally go, and they have a prix fixe vegetarian menu. So we ventured out of our safety zone of our regular DTLA spots. BIG MISTAKE- Big Expensive mistake- I should have know when I was able to get a table on a Friday night on the same day that something was up. I don’t like to bash anybody or any place, but this was not a connect for us. ;(. It was the kind of meal, that you have and you wonder “hmmmmmm what was the chef thinking?” And talk about SMALL portions…

Reggie at Alma

Reggie at Alma

itty bitty salad

itty bitty salad

not sure what this was...

not sure what this was…

itty bitty carrot something...

itty bitty carrot something…

Perhaps it was an off night, but so sorry- we won’t be going back.

Saturday I went to my film class that I am so enjoying. I have a lot to learn and it is confusing for me, the concept of movement instead of stills, is coming slowly. I made my first short tonight and I mean short 35 seconds and you all are going to be the first to see it…the premiere right here on Gigi’s Meanderings. It is about wanting to take a “shower” when you have no running water and you don’t want to go out again…

Saturday evening we had our first “gala” of the holiday season. It was a nice event for a good cause. We have a lot of doctor friends that are from Sri Lanka, and they raise money so they can help with the medical services in Sri Lanka. There are so many famers dying from kidney disease, due to the pesticides  that are used in the fields-so horrific. So many things in our environment that are causing so many diseases all over the world. The event was held at the Skirball Cultural Center.

Sira Lander

Sri Lanka Medical Association fundraiser gala





beautiful flowers

beautiful flowers

When the time was right, we exited and made it to a late showing of “Gone Girl” and it was really really good. We are reading the book for my book club, so I know we will have a lively discussion about this one. Yes. I went to the movie in my gown, but I guess since was Halloween weekend, no one even noticed. So the movie was over about 1:30 we came home to an electrical outage, so now no water or electricity, nothing to do but go to sleep.

Sunday I woke up to power, but no internet, I needed to work, so I camped out at my local Starbucks. We headed out to Riverside to visit my Mom and I am happy to report she is doing well. God is GOOD.

I am looking forward to a productive week, so many things I want to do and complete before 2014 is behind us.

Happy Monday!





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