Do you have days where you feel like this sometimes? Or is it only me? I saw this circulating on facebook and thought about what would it be like to leave my “life” as I know it and go away and never come back. Reggie and I, especially when we travel often think about selling our home, business, and material possessions and setting up a kite surfing shop on a remote beach on the other side of the world. Or maybe a juice bar and a photo booth…or a fitness business, leading bike tours, or organized hikes. Just getting away from the rat race. Since his health scare we really have had that dialogue about what does the next ten years look like for us, twenty? Do we really want to do the same thing forever?

We have met people on our travels that have done this. There was a couple we met when we traveled to the San Juan islands who took an early retirement from their corporate jobs in the bay area, sold everything, bought a little house and started a lavender farm. We met lots of americans in Costa Rica that have set of various businesses, everything from musicians performing at the hotels, to wedding coordinators, to tour operators.

For us that magical place would be somewhere tropical on a beach. A place where little would be needed to live comfortably. A place where fresh food was abundant, the climate was consistent, and days end with beautiful sunsets.  Where would that place be for you? Share your fantasy? Maybe we will all end up somewhere together…You never know.



Black Sand Beach Costa Rica

Black Sand Beach Costa Rica


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