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Hmmmm…To wax or not to wax? I’ve been waxing for over 10 years, perhaps I should have opted for laser hair removal, but something about the permanent nature, did not agree with me- and I’m a chicken. I can’t help but to think about peeps I see at the beach with faded droopy tats from yesteryear.

In one week I will celebrate my birthday, and like an old vintage car I like to get a complete overhaul done, so I can start my new “birth” year off fresh. So I went for my “wax” and I started thinking about is it time for a new look? I thought about how when I go to the wax salon I never see any “mature” ladies–where are they? Is there a point when you wake up one day and say “enough”? Do you go back to the full “monty”? What if “its” gray or salt and pepper? Crazy thoughts I know. Is there a cutoff year? If you are getting those AARP membership cards is that a sign?

Before I can put to much thought into this, Mirisa my “waxer” calls my name. Mirisa and I have become close over the years, even though I only see her every other month, we talk about everything in those 30 minutes. I thought about asking her “how old is your oldest client?” but I was to scared that it might be me. You can’t help but to get close to someone who yanks hair out of your lady parts with hot wax, you become close, and once you find someone, it is not the type of service you want to have a new person every time.  Perhaps I’ll get the nerve to ask her next time.

I check out and exit by a few “30” somethings waiting and I smile.

So what do you think? Is there a cutoff for waxing? Does it fall in the category of the older woman whose skirts are a little to short to pull off, or the top that is to low cut for a crepey cleavage, we all know when we see the “trying to hard look”. Or since it is a “private” area does it matter? I’m curious of what your thoughts are…



Gigi’s Wax salon: Wax 7924 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90046  (323) 951-9616  Mirisa is amazing!!!

Happy Monday,




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