Yes I missed my posting yesterday, worked most of the day on decorating and still not finished! It is the season! Around this time I always get that “rushed” feeling, like there is not enough hours in the day to complete all the holiday tasks. I am still decorating, my house looks a mess, partly do to the way I took down my decorations last year. My husband’s birthday is January 7, and last year we traveled to St. Lucia and I packed everything away haphazardly and I am paying for it now.

Growing up we always got our tree on Christmas Eve, many years later when I was an adult I found out the reason-trees were “free” at that point. We would rush and decorate the tree together with our same ornaments and tinsel. Now I like to get our tree early, not day after Thanksgiving early, but first week of December. Whenever I travel I like to collect ornaments, to remind me of time spent at that place, so my ornament collection is always growing. I like to get one main tree and a few smaller trees so my decorating takes me a few days. Now that our kids are older, I’m thinking about perhaps scaling back on some of the holiday cheer, but my 16 year-old to my surprise still wants the big tree and all the decor. So with that I am still placing things around the house and trimming the trees hoping to finish by tonight.

Work in progress…

What are your holiday decorating traditions? Share…






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