Things I Learned From My Mother

My mother and father early 60's

My mother and father early 60’s

There are a lot of posts around the blogosphere about Mother’s Day and what it means, or gift suggestions for that special mom in your life. One that spoke to me was titled “What have you learned from your mom?”. I had never thought about that. There were the obvious things that came to mind such as “learning right from wrong” etc. But I wanted to dig a little deeper and come up with what I really LEARNED from my mother, Peggy (Geraldine).

Not in any particular order:

1. ALWAYS “watch” your weight. “I was wearing my same size a few weeks after I had my babies, I never wanted to be fat. What size are you wearing now?”

2. MARRY a nice man that can provide for the family. “There is nothing somebody broke can do for me. What does he do and where does he live?”

3. LONG hair is important, preferably straight. “Why did you cut your hair like that?” and “Are you ever going to get your hair “done” again?”

4. SEND your coffee back if it is not boiling (that applies to soups, tea and any other liquids) “Excuse me, this coffee is not hot, and I want a fresh cup.”

5. DON’T be a “BED BUNNY” hopping from bed to bed.  “Are you seeing someone? Is he your boyfriend? I met someone and got married again and I had 4 kids and was 38 years old. You are almost 30…”

6. GET your degree! “I know you have a business but when are you going to finish your degree?”

7. DON”T buy cheap clothes. “There is nothing I would ever buy in those cheap stores like Walmart, I don’t know how people do that…”

8. IT is important to have a house by any means necessary. “I could not and would not ever live in an apartment.”

9. CLEAN around the back of the toilet and underneath the bowl. “I know how to clean.”

10. USE lay away even if you can’t afford the item. “I wanna put this on lay away, please.”

11. LOOK nice everyday. “I would never go out like that.”

12. LOOKS are important. “What does he look like?”

13. PREPARE fresh food, do not use can or frozen food. “Did you make that from “scratch?”

and lastly…

14. ALWAYS put your kids first. “I always made a way for my kids…matter of fact I did to much for them. My kids never did with out.”

What did you learn from your mom? Please share.



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