The Trip to Bountiful

Trip to Bountiful

Trip to Bountiful

First and foremost Cicely Tyson is fabulous! I’m not sure of her age, the NY Times peg her as 88 and some other sources state that she is 80, all I know is that she carries the production for the entire 2 hours whatever her age is. Cicely Tyson sings, dances, and her silent expressions are priceless. Her Tony award winning performance is flawless. Pulitzer Prize winner, Horton Foote’s american masterpiece The Trip to Bountiful, is still a timely piece, the message of home and family and what is really important never goes out of style.

The Trip to Bountiful takes place in 1950’s Texas, Mother Watts (Cicely Tyson) living in a small apartment with her bossy daughter-in-law Jessie Mae (Vanessa Williams) and son Ludie (Blair Underwood),  Mother Watts is determined to go back to Bountiful, her hometown. Ludie is constantly balancing his mother and wife trying to keep peace. Jessie Mae is the nagging daughter-n-law who is frustrated with Mother Watts and is not afraid to express how annoyed she is with her.

Mother Watts, runs away with her pension check in hand to return to Bountiful. Her journey is delightful and nothing and everything happens on her bus ride to Bountiful.

trip to bountiful

trip to bountiful

We got very good tickets at the last minute, I was surprised at the amount of empty seats for a world class production like this, even on a Wednesday evening.

Trip to Bountiful at the Ahmanson Theater September 17 – November 2

Go see this one- don’t miss out-

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