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Do you enjoy yourself?

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Some days I feel “OLD”

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Some days I feel “OLD”. Maybe it is because I recommitted to writing my blog and I am missing out on sleep, staying up late. Or maybe time is just going by and along with that comes age.

Things I’ve observed that let me know I’m sorta old…

Retirement. I think about that now and wonder how will I maintain my lifestyle in “retirement” or will I ever be able to afford to retire.

I worry about my kids and their lives. How will they make it? Will they be able to take care of themselves when I am gone.

Wrinkles and grey hair. No explanation needed. I’m just not ready to embrace the silver grey hair trend, so off to the colorist I go. And thinning hair…it is a good thing I had a lot of hair back in the day, now it is manageable.

As much as I love high heels, all of a sudden flats are looking real cute lately.

The body, hmmm lets just say there is a shift, and I am fighting it in every way I can…

The reading glasses, what an annoyance, I feel like I can’t move without them.

Young people, the 20 something year olds, like to explain things to me, information about social media, like snap chat or artists that I am not familiar with. Often times they share with me that I am older than their parents and that they have noticed that their parents are slowing down.

The little aches here and there, that I did not have before, like waking up in the morning and I have to stretch, just so I can get moving properly.

Makeup- it really is not an option. It is a mandate, at least lipstick, mascara and concealer.

And what is up with lotion, I am constantly slathering it on all day, I don’t remember doing that when I was “young”.

And lastly…sometimes I am in denial about this one, but I forget stuff, sometimes important things, like names of people that I should know, or a note in my calendar that I wrote and I have no clue what it is. Just writing in a real calendar, instead of my phone is old, lol.

But with all these reminders of aging, I will say along with the years, comes a certain confidence. An attitude where not much bothers you, your tolerance for BS is low, you know how to eliminate it from years of experience. I’m living an authentic life, just being real and embracing my path, stopping off here and there to explore.

How are you navigating the aging process? I’d love to know…






Women of a certain “age”…

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Today I was cruising one of my many “private” photography group pages and there was a picture of a striking woman and the post read “still obsessing with this 57 yo ;)”. Various comments followed mostly stating how “good” she looked for her age etc. and then one person wanted to see the SOOC (straight out of camera version) implying that there must have been a lot of photoshop done to the image. The SOOC was posted it was obvious that not much had been done to the pic and this is just how this woman looked. More comments followed, most in amazement of how “good” she looked once again for her age.

Being the 56 year old that I am I was reminded that women of a “certain age” are considered the exception if they still are deemed attractive by the powers that be- the group of judges that determines when a woman’s attractive meter has stopped functioning and she has sadly “lost it”.

So many women are not bound by the constraint of numbers or someone else’s beauty standard. I look in the mirror and I see the reflection of a woman who has lived, spent some time in the sun before sunblock was the de rigueur. A face that has smiled for 50 plus years and has the imprint to prove it.

Most of us are juggling various ages- our biological age and the age of our heart and spirit, which has nothing to do with our years of the planet. The inner age that tells you that you can pull off skinny jeans, a bikini, or start a new career. Having a positive attitude and being kind all contribute to a timeless, ageless beauty that shines from within, the best anti-age serum.

To be 20, 30 or even 40 again would be a curse, because the woman I am the today is the product of all those years in the making.



Age has no reality except in the physical world-

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gigi @ 40

Gigi @ 40



What’s your take on aging?

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Came across this article in the New Yorker 25 quotes from famous women on aging.  Love this one from Dolly Parton:

“I will never retire unless I have to. As long as I’m able to get up in the morning, get that makeup on and my high heels on, and even if I can’t wear high heels, I’m going to do like Mae West, I’m going to sit in a wheelchair with my high heels on.”

Gigi’s take on aging:

Aging is a part of life, I have loved each decade for different reasons. Childhood- no matter what was going on with the adults I still had many happy moments, teen years were the discovery years of exploring and sampling the good and lots of bad, 20’s the rebel years, against all odds, just out there in the world, 30’s motherhood, wife-hood, figuring out who am I and what is my purpose, 40’s I’m a full fledge confidant woman working on me and doing whatever I want to do, 50’s living the la vida loca, yes I can be a photographer, yes I can say “no” when I need to and if something is not working I know it is okay to quit.

As time goes by and you experience loss, heartbreak and sadness you realize that each day is a gift and you have to exhale, stretch your body and conquer each day, look for the joy and squash the negativity and always find a reason to celebrate.

Another thing, came across this article about how “skinny jeans” are out– (btw after I finally figured out what brand fit my big butt and thighs) and  flare leg jeans are back. The good thing about being 50 something is that you have seen all the trends over and over. I chuckle to myself when I think about my mom telling me about when something was in “style” a long time ago, well guess what- I’m doing the same thing. The good news is I still have my flare jeans, something told me to hold on to them.

And lastly, with everything that is going in the world, why is Bey’s new bangs making all the headlines? Or last weeks reference to her “mom” do…hehehe as India Arie says ” I am not my hair”…

Bey's mommie do and her new bangs...

Bey’s mommie do and her new bangs…


Happy Wednesday



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