An Ordinary Day...

Wednesday, April 12th started off as an ordinary day. The alarm sounded off at 6:00 a.m. like it always did. Reggie did his work day morning ritual, showering, grooming, selecting a suit and accessorizing with the perfect accents for Read more

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Do you enjoy yourself?

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An Ordinary Day…

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Wednesday, April 12th started off as an ordinary day. The alarm sounded off at 6:00 a.m. like it always did. Reggie did his work day morning ritual, showering, grooming, selecting a suit and accessorizing with the perfect accents for his outfit. We chatted about what we thought the day had in store for us, what I had planned and gentle reminder that he was playing ball later. After a departing kiss, Reggie was gone for a regular day at the office.

Fast forward to that evening, I heard the door open and Reggie greeted me and sprinted upstairs to change into his basketball clothes and off to the gym he went. I knew the basketball routine, that you had to get there on time so you could be picked to play, so there was always this urgency, much like when I am going to yoga class. I had some editing to take care of, so I began to work on some images, when a little after 9, the landline rings, my first instinct was not to answer this unrecognizable number, thinking it was a telemarketer.

I answer. “Reggie’s wife?” A strange voice came from the receiver. I held the phone closer, as if all of a sudden I had a hearing problem.

“Yes,” I said, feeling my heart rate increasing, knowing something is wrong.

“Something happened to Doc.” “They are working on him.” The frantic voice said.

I am sure the person said more than that, but my brain started shutting down and I cannot even recall who called me. All I could think about was working on him is my husband even alive.

“They are taking him to St. Jude Emergency Room.” The voice said.

My mouth was dry, I started trembling as I hung up the phone. I quickly put on some clothes, looked up where this hospital was, and drove to the emergency room not knowing what I would be greeted with.

“He’s in bed 19.” The ER receptionist said, as he buzzed open the door for me to go back. There were so many people being treated, like a war zone. I was so scared of what I was going to see. At that moment I thought that I should have called someone to come with me, I was all alone and at this moment no one knew this was happening.

The scene was chaotic. I walked into this cold arena with alarms ringing, lights blinking, loud voices, people hurrying about, moaning voices and then bed 19, my handsome husband was still in his basketball clothes vomiting profusely. He was surrounded by a team of medical people asking him all sorts of questions, his eyes were glazed, and he had a shiny glow about him, he saw and recognized me. He was alive.

“I loooooooooooove choooooo.” he said to me in the unmistakable slurred stroke voice, that we have all seen in the public service commercials. I knew something horrible had happened to him, in the 30 years I have know him he has never been sick. He has hypertension, but he always takes his medicine.

Quickly he was whisked away for a cat scan, as the emergency room Dr.Katz began to explain that Reggie had a hemorrhagic stroke and the neurosurgeon, Dr. Noblett was on the way. He then went on to tell me that they would be doing a craniotomy, at this point I am feeling faint as I sign my name on the consent form. Within moments I’m following my husband on a gurney to the operating room. I was numb.

post surgery ICU

This is the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. A life we loved was suddenly snatched away, initially leaving me in a state of panic. After there were no more tears to shed, I came to the realization that I had to keep on living and become active in Reggie’s recovery and my families survival.

I have to remain hopeful that Reggie will fight and win. That this athlete will be running the longest marathon ever, that we will have to be patience and know this is going to be a long journey. I know that my husband, being the most intelligent man I know, the most generous, the fittest, and with his family support, if anyone can beat this – he can.



It’s my 3 year blog anniversary

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Well life has been going by rather quickly. Most days I’m out by 5am and typically going nonstop till late. I feel as though there are not enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do or want to do ie. my blog, but considering it is my 3 year blog anniversary, it is a good time to post again.

I’m not a famous blogger nor is my blog monetized, nor do I have 1,000’s of followers, I’m just a blogger who likes to share her heart, and random thoughts and such. I only hope that on occasion something I post helps someone else…or makes someone else not feel alone in whatever is going on in their life.

A little update of what has been going on the past few weeks. I adopted Bella-Boy the cutest kitten, from David (Sierra Rescue) he discovered a litter under a large trash container at his business. I don’t plan to make my blog a “kitty” blog so if you to have a soft spot from kittens, follow Bella-Boy at Bella.boy @ instagram.



My son Reggie is graduated this past Sunday from Cate School, I’m happy and sad- happy to see him go to the next phase of his life and sad to see the end of his childhood cycle. He will be going to Bard college in upstate New York, our summer will be a quick one, move in is August 8th. We are proud of him and all that he has accomplished in his 18 years. College is a new beginning to the rest of his life.


And lastly we have made a commitment to be gluten free, a couple of years ago when we were practicing a raw vegan diet, we were by default gluten free (btw felt so much better) so a week ago we decided to try to cut out the gluten. I had an appointment with a new doctor for my annual checkup, my old doctor was horrible but I kept going to her because I was not proactive in securing another. Dr. Christine Collins and I hit it off, and she asked if I was familiar with the book Wheat Belly, I had heard of it but had not read it. So she started talking about wheat and gluten and health…everything make sense. It has been an adjustment, I’m convinced there is something in bread that is seriously addicting.

I must say I do feel better, and have dropped a couple pounds as well, I’ll be posting a few recipes soon.

So thank you friends for stopping by for my sporadic posts, thank you for your comments and your support. I’m looking forward to another year, not sure will it will take me, but I will continue to share my thoughts and my heart.

So I will leave you with this quote I stumbled upon, it really spoke to me, because when I started my blog, I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t know where it would go, I just started one day. So if you are hesitating about something just “begin anywhere”…





Turn the HAPPY Dial up to MAX!

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I don’t like to keep putting this kind of info into the universe, but I feel like this is one of those messages that come out of nowhere when you are watching a really good show and the screen goes blank – “we interrupt this program etc….”. Yesterday I was still numb, today my regular post was hijacked-

Believe it or not but on Wednesday, another sister was diagnosed with f-ing CANCER. I can’t even explain how I feel–TOO Much for my little family.

So this is what my family tree is looking like about now…

cancer tree

cancer tree

Oh, I almost forgot my other sister had a car accident on Wednesday to add to the already horrific news. She is OK, but her car is jacked up.

So yes, I’m a little nervous, but I just keep it moving, living each day to the fullest. Do I worry? Of course… Do I freak out going to the Doctor? Yes. Do I have panic attacks waiting for test results? Yes. CAN I DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT? NO.


No time for madness, anger, cray cray’s, crazy, stupidity, envy, jealousy, negativity, meanies, haters,  basically no time for bull shit on any level.

Just looking for the “good” and doing the best I can each day, and lifting others up to the best of my ability…

Parked my car next to a field of flowers that were in the parking lot…made me happy…

field of flowers in the parking lot

field of flowers in the parking lot

So Friends embrace today and find little bits of happiness in random places…

Happy Friday,




What Could You Give Up?

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If given a choice what could you give up? Your hair? Breasts? Complexion? Lashes” Brows? Figure? Self confidence? Faith? Integrity? All of the above?






lashes & brows

lashes & brows



I asked myself that question yesterday. Most of us love our “physical self” we abide by the mantra “love yourself”, but what happens when the “self” is confronted with change? How do you continue to love as opposed to hating “self”? The body that betrayed you, and now is becoming a fragment of your previous self.

Tears Streaming

-nausea most likely

-day 14 – 17 hair gone

– white count down

-can’t have intercourse at this time

-metallic taste

-numb feeling

-once every 3 weeks

-everyday for 6 weeks

-the pill for 10 years

-no more babies

-early menopause

-don’t get pneumonia


Change is frightening. There is a lot I don’t know about, but what I do know is how to live. I do know how to shut down the petty bull shit and keep moving. I do know how to let stuff out and be vulnerable. I do know how to forgive and admit mistakes.

I embrace 100% of me, and it is the inner most parts that I would not want to give up. The exterior “pretty” parts are not ours to keep, they are fading each decade regardless of what you do to desperatly hold on to them…it is part of the life cycle. Those inner parts however, your soul and heart are what enables you to confront adversity and find strength to deal with whatever blocks your path, if you give up your soul, and faith you are jacked. The external markings can be replaced, bought, rejuvenated, but the soul-less person is lost-

So my friends happy Friday..

“Stay calm and carry on”!






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I See All My “ALL”

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Many times we see what we want to see. I see me with all my shit. I see me the one who is not on facebook, instagram, pinterest, or twitter-the me that also has fears, sadness, and doubts. I’m an ordinary wife, mother, sister, daughter, and a friend to many, with the same concerns of others. Thoughts about my future, worries about my children, and of course the crazy world we live in at these challenging times are thoughts, that at times consume me.

The family

The family

For me the key is balance. Taking care of my soul, my physical self and my mental well being are important. Addressing what hurts me, praising what brings me joy, and always willing to admit when I am wrong-these are must-dos in my life.

Being selfish-taking personal time for me, meditation, yoga, nourishing my body with nutrient foods, plenty of sleep and plenty of laughter.





Basically  living as authentically as I can…helping others, encouraging, believing in someone else and “playing it forward”. Having an open mind and a “no judgement” attitude have served me well, I know sometimes it can be easy to come to some conclusion about someone, but you really don’t know where that person is coming from, what baggage they are carrying on their shoulders.

Believing in me, having faith that dreams do come true, and working hard on my goals, always knowing that with persistence good things will happen.

And lastly LOVING MYSELF on any given day, including the extra 10 pounds, and the bad hair days…

loving myself

loving myself



So my friends, reveal some of those layers and dig deep- you may be surprised at what you may find.

Happy Thursday,



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pen and pad

pen and pad


I love the quiet of the night, that magical time where all sorts of thoughts and ideas appear, and my pen and I happily transcribe to my trusty legal pad. Yes, I’m old school I love a pen in hand and seeing words on paper, it’s sort of like an electronic reader vs book, I have both but there are times when I want to curl up with a book instead of an electronic device. My husband on the other hand can barely  stay up and watch the news, but 4AM he is up and running a 10 miler, or at the gym, or working out with his trainer and I on the other hand am just turning in at 3AM. Considering I don’t have a”place” to be in the morning since I work at home, I catch up sleeping in a bit, but of course the phone starts ringing around 8 and I am the master of answering as though I was wide awake and then quietly falling back into a deep sleep sometimes not remembering who I spoke to.


So the other day i read a piece on the Habits of Supremely Happy People, on the huffington Post and one of the habits was getting plenty of sleep, so I decided I’m going to rewire my brain, and go to bed early and wake up at dawn and start my day, and still have that quiet time that I love. The following are the other items that “contribute” to “supreme” happiness-this list is dead on…

1. Surround themselves with happy people–check. Nothing will take you down quicker than others who are negative, I find that my nature is to “fix” people, but sometimes you have to pull away.

Housewives of ASPEN

Housewives of ASPEN

2. Smile when they mean it–check. A smile is a cure all.



3.Cultivate resilience–check. Keep trying, keep doing, never give up on your dreams.



4. Try to be happy–check. There are some people you purpose to be mad, I don’t get it.

5. Appreciate simple pleasures–check. Smelling a rose as I leave my house can make my day.

love these roses

love these roses

6. Devote time to giving–check. Always giving something to someone, trying to make a difference.

7. Lose track of time–check. I’m an expert at this one.

8. Nix the small talk for deeper conversation–check. You have to go there, dig deeper.

9. Spend money on other people–check. Yept.

10. Make a point to listen–check. It is amazing how many people don’t do this one.

11. Look on the bright side–check. Yes, there always is a bright side to everything no matter how bad it seems.


12. Value a good mixtape–check. I LOVE MAKING MIXED CD’S- another part of my sleep problem. Music is so important to me…

13. UNPLUG–Gotta work on this one ie. leave the phone at home sometimes, have rules.

14. Get Spiritual–check

15. Exercise–check. no brainer



16. Sleep– Working on this one

17. Laugh–check. I always find the humor in everything…

and lastly

18.Walk the Walk–check. The old “pep in your step” is true…

Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk

So my friends what are your thoughts? Anything missing? Anything to add? Spread some happiness as you go about your day today.



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I have been crazy busy this past month. Physically, mentally, and emotionally overwhelmed with this crazy thing called life! About a month ago my hubby had a health scare, to be specific a STROKE, the good news is that it was a very mild stroke and everything is fine now. Those of you who know my husband know he is the picture of health, he exercises daily ie. 10 mile runs, basketball, swimming in the ocean, kitesurfing, etc.,- does not and has not ever drank alcohol, follows a vegan diet, drinks lots of water, and still this happened to him. He is the fittest person I know.

I’m at the age where these occurrences are happening more often to my friends and family members. While we all know that we are not going to live forever, it made me question what “LIVING A FULL LIFE ” looks like… Am I living each day to the fullest? Or am I just going through the motions? Am I chasing my passions or putting off my dream to “tomorrow”? Am I making my fantasies my realities? So many thoughts crossed my mind about what living is truly about.

So my friends HERE IS GIGI’S LIST on LIVING A FULL LIFE. Not in any particular order…


We have a lot of control in this area. A good diet and plenty exercise are a must! We follow a vegan diet with a lot of raw vegan and lots of water. Hydration is so important. I don’t like going to the doctor, but I go for my annual check-ups, knowing that early detection saves lives. I also go to my eastern medicine doctor and get acupuncture.

Sexy vegan food

Sexy vegan food


Are you chasing your passion? For me passion is important, it keeps life exciting. Discover a hobby, or revisit an old one. Take the time to learn something new. Right now I am passionate about photography, I have always loved taking pictures but never made the time to really pursue the craft. Now I wake up thinking about it and close my eyes at night thinking about it…

Photographer Gigi

Photographer Gigi


Being true to yourself and what you believe in is critical. Surround yourself with those who accept you for who you are. Know that there will be casualties along the way and thats okay. Always strive to “BE THE BEST YOU”. Make a conscious decision to surround yourself with those individuals that you know have your back.


If you have a significant other in your life you are blessed, and I don’t mean just on paper…I am fortunate to be married to my best friend. We will celebrate 24 years of marriage in July. Work on loving relationships with friends and family, accept them and their shortcomings, don’t try and remake them. Be a loyal friend and always be willing to forgive and love unconditionally. Negative relationships put a lot of stress on our well being, if you have some of these- who does not, try and figure out if you can “fix” these situations, if not LET IT GO.

Easter Sunday Reggie & Gigi

Easter Sunday Reggie & Gigi

5. My yoga teacher said “BE CONTENT WITH STILLNESS”

It is okay to do nothing sometimes. Quiet your mind and slow down…Take an hour or two for yourself and do nothing-detach from your electronics. Trust me the world will go on without you.




Read. Challenge your mind. It is like any other muscle in your body, stop using it and it gets soft and flabby. Learn a new language, go back to school, take a class, do something to excite your brain.


Whether around the world or the next town, take the time to go and explore something new. Yes traveling is expensive, but it is worth the sacrifice. Just get and your car and drive for a couple of hours, explore a new town act like a tourist, you will be surprised at what you might find.

Lioness and her Cubs

Lioness and her Cubs


Take care of your business! Plan for your future…Think about the “WHAT IF” and have a plan in place. I met a woman this past weekend who told me she lost her house a year ago in a fire, and she had to prove to the insurance company what she had, and she did not have documents to support her claim. Although it may be a long way off, think about what “retirement” looks like for you and your family.


Believe and have faith in something. A spiritual base is necessary to keep you grounded. Faith is powerful.


Party and celebrate life…birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays and just because…just do it–find reasons to get together.




Do you ever do something for someone that is totally not expected? Comfort someone? Trust and look for the good in others.

What does “LIVING A GOOD LIFE”  look like to you? Please share.














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What are you Passionate about?

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Came across this article about  passion written by Amy Spencer, in the July/August issue of Health magazine. I was intrigued by this list of five signs that you have found that “special thing”.

  1. You’d do it for free…and, uh, probably do.
  2. You’ve lost track of time while doing it and only noticed when you smelled dinner burning.
  3.  At a party you could talk about it until the hosts are sweeping up at the end of the night.
  4.  You don’t mind if you aren’t good at it…
  5. …but the more you do it , the better you get at it–because you enjoy it so much.

Read the entire article here.

When I read this article I could not help but, reflect on my own life and ask myself what am I passionate about.

Relaxing on the beach

Relaxing on the beach (Photo credit: virtualphotographystudio)

Of course we are passionate about our families and loved ones, but I am referring to what gives your life purpose? My passions have been varied and most have been really simple. I have to be passionate about something, it is what keeps life fulfilling and interesting.

Here is my list of passions past and present. To make the list I have had to stay up all night, do it for free, talk to strangers about it–facebook counts, not necessarily be good at it and eventually get better at it because I keep doing it .

Yoga-I have not been practicing that long, and I am not one of the “gumby” girls in the class, but I love it and I keep going back even though there are days where I feel I am regressing. I get a rush from going to class and I feel at peace when I am done. I know there are asanas I may never do, but the desire or the thought that one day I may keeps me going back for another back bend.

Yoga Class at a Gym Category:Gyms_and_Health_Clubs

Music-In another life I know I was a DJ. I can stay up all night searching for music and listening to random bands. In our living trust I have a provision that states, if something should happen to me and it appears that I am not aware of my surroundings I want to have the latest “ipod” or listening device attached, so that I can listen to music.

ipod shuffle loja online leilao

ipod shuffle loja online leilao (Photo credit: sucelloleiloes)

Shoes-I have always had a facination with shoes, perhaps it is because I had to wear corrective shoes as a child. I can enter a shoe department and feel my heart start to flutter. I love looking at beautiful shoes, wearing them, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than finding a “dream” shoe on the sale rack with an additional mark down. Right when I think I am content and happy with my collection I see something else that makes me drool. This is the current shoe I’m lusting for:

Brian Atwood

Brian Atwood

Traveling-I love going places. It does not have to be an exotic destination, it can be an exit off a freeway that I have never taken.  I love going places near and far. I can enjoy a beach thirty minutes from my house or one around the world. I love planning trips and finding off the beaten path things to do.

Travel Guides

Travel Guides (Photo credit: Vanessa (EY))

Blogging-It’s 3:00 am, no explanation needed. Oh and when I’m not blogging I’m reading other blogs.

English: Monkeys Blogging Español: Simios blog...

English: Monkeys Blogging Español: Simios bloggeando (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Past and reoccuring passions: knitting (I go on binges where I knit nonstop), triathlon-ing (becoming obsessed with everything connected with the sport joining clubs etc.), raw veganism (embarrassing my kids when ordering in non-vegan restaurants), natural hair (always searching for the holy grail of products), photography (the need to take pictures of every and anything), and skiing (planning my winter around snow reports and justifying another jacket).

What are you passonate about? What makes you stay up like a fiend?





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