An Ordinary Day...

Wednesday, April 12th started off as an ordinary day. The alarm sounded off at 6:00 a.m. like it always did. Reggie did his work day morning ritual, showering, grooming, selecting a suit and accessorizing with the perfect accents for Read more

Why are some people mean?

Why are some people mean? I'm not talking about a little mean, but bazaar, go out of their way to be mean. Recently I've encountered a few mean people, I remind myself that these situations will make me a stronger Read more


Our last trip of 2016 was to the Maldives. Last year was one full of excursions, We traveled to Cameroon, Paris, Bali, Hawaii, New Orleans, New York, Chicago, Lake Tahoe, Atlanta, Napa, San Francisco, Dubai, and I must say Read more


It's okay to venture out of your comfort zone... Lately I've been doing it quite often. This weekend is going to be one of renewal, my personal Super Bowl. What are your plans? I will be working today and tomorrow. Happy Read more

Do you enjoy yourself?

Both of my kids are in New York, my son is in school in the Hudson Valley and my daughter is living in Brooklyn and working. So we are officially empty nesters, and have been so for a while Read more


If I were truly Brave…

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If I were truly brave, I would pursue fashion photography and travel photography, but I’ve been telling myself I can’t because I’m to OLD, I don’t have enough experience, I don’t know the right people, and it would probably never eva happen. Really, though, the worst thing that could happen is I would fail, not get any commissions, hmmmmm go on a fabulous trips and take pictures.



My bravest friend, Molly would tell me to go for it, what do you have to lose? Your kids are grown, and you are at a place where you can take risks with no consequences. And at our age it takes a lot to break us down, so just go for it! And you are in a position where you don’t have to work a job that is not related to your passion…you are fortunate that you can do what your love everyday.

But I’m afraid other people, like “some established photographers” will say you don’t know enough, you don’t have the skills or experience or contacts. This is a young photographers “game” or a photographer with a solid track record in the industry and there is NO WAY you can break in…it’s to late for you!


If that happens, I’ll respond by saying, I can try and do some “free” work for some up and coming designers that may need a look book, I can reach out to some fashion bloggers that may want to be photographed (working with one in March), I can set up sessions with models that are looking to build their portfolio, I can take images when I travel and start building a portfolio (I already do)  , I can reach out to online travel sites that hire freelance photographers.

If I want to begin pursuing fashion and travel right this minute, I can set up some sessions with a couple of models that reached out to me on instagram. Then, over the next few months, I can take pictures on upcoming trips, and start building a travel portfolio and fashion one as well. Even if no one ever hires me or gives me a chance, I won’t give up because the worse thing that can happen I’ll just be shooting gorgeous pictures for myself! I love to travel and I always take pictures anyway. I love going to fashion week and shooting just because, so I really have nothing to lose!

If you were truly brave what would you do? And what steps would you take?




Home Sweet Home

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After the anxiety of getting to the airport, getting detained by TSA for water bottles, running to the gate, I am finally home. I’m a little wiser and excited about the infinite possibilities for my business. The conference inspired and delivered, which is good.

Sometimes, I think to myself, “What am I doing?” Why not just chill and lead the leisure life? Why do I dare to dream, dare to believe I can make a difference? It is challenging to establish a presence in a business where most of the people are half my age, but regardless I refuse to limit my ambition. Life is about growing, exploring and being the best you. The challenge keeps life interesting and accountable.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become consumed with the thought of how am I going to make a difference and what legacy am I going to leave behind. There is no time to waste on wishing for things to be different physically or materiality. I’m on this journey moving forward one step at a time or in my business one click at a time-

What are you dreaming about? Or think about this question, “If you could have one day back…any one day of your life to relive…a do over…” what would it be?

Happy Thursday !




Your Story…

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rug pulled out from under you...

rug pulled out from under you…

Sometimes you can feel as though a rug has been pulled out from under you, and life as you know it is totally different. It could be a relationship, financial, physical or a mental change and your world can suddenly seem upside down. At these times you will challenge your belief system and question the “why”. The older I get I am finding myself a witness to these stark changes that come like a stealth bomber in the night, catching everyone off guard, only to be awaken to mass destruction and the thought of where and how to start over.

stealth bomber

stealth bomber

It does not have to be a negative change, the positive ones can wreck havoc as well. a career change, new relationship, relocating, a birth or something as simple as losing weight or changing a hairstyle.

Gigi with flat ironed hair

Gigi @ big “50” “straight is for parties…

Week old hair from a WnG

Week old hair from a WnG

I always have a loosely structured plan, one that can easily be adapted with a moments notice. Case and point when I did my photography program I envisioned myself being this extraordinary “family” photographer. I enjoyed that, but then on a whim I took this course from a woman photographer that specializes in women portraiture, and it was life changing. I realized that I love photographing women, I never get tired of coming up with ways to capture that light within and taking beautiful images that make my clients smile. I love nothing more than having a session with a client who shared that they cannot remember the last time they had a portrait taken.



I am fortunate to be setting my goals based on my dreams. Goals that are flexible enough that I know it is okay to vary the direction, if need be to make an occasional sharp turn or a detour to see something that may have been missed if I  stayed on the main road. Life would not be nearly as interesting if it did not have some false starts, different beginnings, a few scandals, different characters, plots, part 2’s etc..

We all have our story, all of it may not be a page turner, but it is uniquely ours. Who wants the predictable story? Think about your life, your story and be true to yourself and your beliefs.

Dream Big!



photographer Gigi

photographer Gigi



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