When your family is in a serious battle with this gangsta that goes by the name of “cancer”, your radar is up- reading, listening, talking, and becoming informed. So the other day I received this mailer from City of Hope that had some good info about the science of superfoods. We all know about them, but it is always good to see modern medicine making the connection as well.

I really believe that diet is so so important, and we have to take control of what goes in our bodies. Preventive care or if you are currently dealing with a health issue, it does not matter just make good choices and be in control of your diet. Eat as clean as possible, focus on foods in their natural form, ie. organic and fresh…say no to pre-made processed food – its crazy.

With my family history, ie. mom-cancer dad-cancer 3 siblings out of 5 cancer- so the odds are not in my favor- I HAVE TO DO  all that I can and hope for the best-

So the latest via City of Hope:


English: A pack of blueberries from a organic ...

English: A pack of blueberries from a organic farm co-op program. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fight triple-negative breast cancer, city of hope labs discovered the blueberry extract has been found to inhibit the growth and spread of triple-negative breast cancer, one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer- and one that is common in african-american women. I love adding blueberries to smoothies or just snacking on them.

English: Close-up of Pomegranates on a table.

English: Close-up of Pomegranates on a table. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Researchers have identified six natural compounds in pomegranates that may prevent breast cancer growth. I planted a pomegranate tree a few years ago, I love them, it is so easy to add a hand full to a salad.

English: Cinnamon

English: Cinnamon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Scientists found that cinnamon extract interferes with a tumor’s growth by blocking its ability to form blood vessels. I use “pumpkin pie spice” in my smoothies and even in my tea, an old friend taught me that trick many years ago, I even sprinkle it on apples- so good.

button mushrooms

button mushrooms


Fight breast cancer and prostate cancer. City of Hope scientists were among the first to discover that white button mushrooms can help block hormones that cause breast cancer to grow and spread. They are also studying these same hormone-blocking effects for prostate cancer. Another easy thing to add to salads or quickly stir fry with other veggies.

Gigi & Mom

Gigi & Mom

Today I am with my mom for a second surgery. We are claiming that all of this will be over soon and looking forward to what the future has for all of us.



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