Green Goddess Juice

Green Goddess Juice

Now that our days our longer and the first day of spring is upon us, I like to think about “spring cleaning” moi. Starting from the inside, detoxing and getting rid of all the junk that has accumulated, like dust that settles in hidden corners, I want everything to be fresh and pass my white glove test. Juicing is a part of my regular diet, but I like to throw in a juice fast here and there to really eliminate. I’m going to start my “spring cleaning fast” on Monday, and continue it through Wednesday breaking my fast Thursday morning. You may want to join me, I’ll post my juice blends here, each day.

For my fast to be successful I will have my produce clean and ready to juice. So this weekend I will hit a farmers market and/or Whole Foods for organic in season veggies and fruits. When I first started juicing I was obsessed with having a recipe, until I realized that it is difficult to make a really “bad” juice, especially if you are starting with good produce, granted some may be more palatable than others, but all and all they are all good.

juice prep

juice prep

My plan for Monday, morning -32 0z room temperature water with lemon, yerbe mate sweetened with stevia, and a large green juice.

mid morning- apple/ginger/mint 8 oz

lunch-large  green juice

mid afternoon -pineapple/ginger

dinner- carrot “soup” juice (I will juice carrots, and some green veggies, maybe add a pear for sweetness, and some spices) and blend in my vitamix until it is warm like soup.

post dinner-mint tea with fresh mint

throughout the day lots of water.


Chop Chop

Chop Chop

Have a beautiful weekend and think about your “Spring Cleaning” and getting your body nice and clean. Do you have a “spring cleaning regimen for your body?



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