Sometimes I Really Do Feel Old…

Sometimes I really do feel old. It’s not everyday, but sometimes I will glance at my reflection in the mirror and I will see a woman that I don’t recognize. A woman who has hyperpigmentation on a complexion that for 40 plus years was flawless, who now reaches for concealer before venturing outside. A woman who now takes a second glance at those “filler” and botox ads that grace some of her favorite magazines. A woman who has to spend more time at the gym just to maintain some sort of figure that can still fit into her clothes. A woman who sometimes answers the phone and the caller is talking, the voice is familiar, but the woman has no clue who she is speaking to. A woman who is among the oldest in her workout classes, but is still sporting her lululemon.

Yes, age is just a number, but there is no denying this aging thing, it can be brutal and unfair in our youth obsessed society. I don’t wish for a younger “me”, I just don’t want the aches and pains of the older “me”. I want to be the best that I can be, but that is becoming increasingly more difficult. Everything takes more time, gone are the days of quickly pulling myself together and looking like a million bucks. It is a process now with numerous steps and formulas.

The other day of friend of mine made an observation that she noticed that young women who are half our age were sporting the same clothes that we used to wear we we were their age and they are looking like we used to “look”. The cycle just repeats itself all over, I remember wearing crop pants and my mom telling me that she used to wear those when she was my age and they were called peddle pushers and clam diggers. Perhaps that is why the shopping bug is not as exciting, because nothing seems fresh anymore…

Just as I am aging, my hubby is as well, but it seems different for him. His concerns are longevity, maintaining his business and being healthy. His only cosmetic issue is his grey mustache that he regularly colors. It’s nice to be on this “age” ride together and I am fortunate to have a partner that is accepting of me and all my vintage parts. One that I don’t have to explain the constant need for my reading glasses and the panic that sets in when I can’t find them. One I can call on the phone and he will talk to me and is not expecting me to text exclusively.

Starting my family later in life also has its disadvantages, many of my friends have grandchildren already, I think about by the time I have a grandchild I’m really going to be old. But I can’t worry about that right now…just gotta keep doing me and embrace each day to the fullest.

What are your thoughts on the aging process? Please share and tell me I’m not the only one with these feelings.

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