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A showreel is an actor’s main marketing tool as it acts as a kind of visual CV or resume showcasing their best work.

I’m pretty active on a few social media platforms. I share a lot about my life, my family, glimpses into what I like, places I go, things that I do and sometimes frivolous posts showing what I am wearing. Is it a true portrayal of who I am 24/7? No, of course not, it is the showreel version, the highlights that I choose to share.

Being a photographer, most of my pics are going to be well lit, I know how to pose my body just so, but I too have those days when I run to the store looking a “hot mess” or days where I am not smiling cause I am having a personal meltdown the pics that are never posted. My life is far from perfect, I have my share of disappointments and personal struggles.

It is easy to sometimes scroll Facebook and peek into the lives of remote acquaintances and marvel at what they are doing, or maybe see friends socializing and you realize you were not part of the party and you get that weird feeling because you feel you were left out.

I have some close friends that are not on social media, I used to encourage them and tell them they were missing out on all the fun, but are they really? I wonder sometimes…

Recommitting to my blog, I have added a self imposed pressure to try and engage and provide fresh content. I have to balance living in the moment and sharing a part of me that perhaps will inspire, make someone laugh or at least smile, but at the same time I want to be authentic and be able to share my truth…I hope that will be okay.

cat eyed gigi

cat eyed gigi

glad to be back for those of you that are still there…I’d love to hear from you and how 2016 is going so far.




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