Relationship Goals

Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs.

I will be celebrating 27 years of marriage in a few weeks, add in the 2 years we dated that brings us to 29 years- a long time! More than half of my life. While no relationship is perfect- and if it were I think that would be quite boring. I was thinking about what makes my relationship rock? Here are a few things I came up with.

1. I know this seems like a no brainer, but we still sleep together in the same bed, same room. Not always the case. The other day a guy was sharing with me some doggie drama that now because of it his wife sleeps in another room with one of the puppies.

2. Don’t hold grudges. Speak your mind, have disagreements  and move on. Oh and COMMUNICATE! The quiet BS does not work if anything it just builds resentment.

3. Your spouse should be your best friend- the one you want to share stuff with- the good the bad and the ugly. The person you can share your fears with, the one that will not judge you- the one that understands you-

4. Treat your spouse with respect. Adore him. Adore her. Continue to give compliments to one another.

5. Do and try new things together. Travel. Bottom line continue to date, don’t let your kids, work etc. stop you from having private time together.

6. Always have some interests of your own- Continue to grow as an individual.

7. Remember why you fell in LOVE…

Happy Friday- What are your plans for the weekend? I will be working, but my Sunday will end at the Hollywood Bowl one of my favorite summer venues.

Happy Friday!



Our villa in Ubud

Our villa in Ubud

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