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Reggie’s birthday was yesterday, his 64th no less. Funny that our numbers are going up but we don’t “feel” whatever that age is supposed to feel like. We will be celebrating this month, starting with dinner tonight. In a couple of weeks we will go to Las Vegas with friends and I have a few other surprises planned. I asked Reggie did he feel “64” and they are battling diseases that have taken a toll on their bodies, although I have high blood pressure, I know if I were not exercising and eating a plant based diet I probably would not be celebrating my 64th birthday.”

I love birthdays and over the years we have had a lot of parties- here are a few pics I found from some of those shindigs.

Reggie celebrated 63 years on planet

Reggie celebrated 63 years on planet – we had a little house party.

one of the 50 something birthdays

one of the 50 something birthdays I can’t recall which one- the only clue is I was wearing my hair straight – so this may have been about 10 or 12 years ago.

Husband & I birthday 61?

Husband & I birthday 61 I can tell by my “big hair don’t care” oops the the grey mustache…hehehe

60th St. Lucia

60th St. Lucia- we went with 4 of our dear friends and had a blast-


birthday – maybe 57? that purple dress is kinda old…

another one of the 50 something birthdays

One of the 40 something birthdays…I can tell by my hair and the thick dark mustache

Reggie 58th b-day

Reggie 58th b-day

surprise party I think 59th

surprise party I think 59th- close friends met us at a restaurant-

Next year will be one of those milestone birthdays, perhaps we will go away somewhere or maybe another party- all I know is we will celebrate-

Are you obsessed with celebrating birthdays like me? Growing up I had a birthday party for my 6th birthday, a slumber party for my 12th and that was it…so I think I am making up for all the years I did not have birthday celebrations.

How do you typically celebrate birthdays?





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