I feel as though I am playing catch up, from the weekend, the late nights are catching up with me, and it is times like this that I feel all my 54 years. Fall is here, Scandal will be back on Thursday, and there are not enough hours in the day to do all the tasks I need to do before the year ends. I have a little bit of traveling in the next few months: DC, New Orleans, NYC and Italy. I have learned to pace myself and do what I can do each day and always make time for simple pleasures, such as taking a long bath with fragrant oils, having tea ie. brewing loose tea leaves, teapot, china tea cup etc., a little piece of chocolate basically finding pleasure in something every day. Came across this quote and really like what it says, our environment and the things we choose to surround ourselves with is so important and contributes to our well being.



Love this, after 25 years of living in the same place I have accumulated a lot of items, some which are not useful or beautiful and I am slowly editing or repurposing them. I no longer have the need to hold on to everything, freeing the clutter enables me to think clearly and focus, and speaking of focus I finally have a logo for my business and I am happy to have “it” debut here:

my logo...

my logo…

Thanks to my friend Kim Jones owner of Kgrafix Creative Design, (949 500-0090) for her patience and understanding me, when I could not find the words to explain what I wanted the logo to look like.

October 1 is the perfect day to start a fall workout plan, I like to switch up what I do, to keep it interesting and challenging my body. I need to bump up my cardio so i’m looking for something fun to add to the mix, maybe revisit bootcamp. Do you like to change your workout? Or do you have a tried and true plan that you stick to?




So friends, do something pleasurable today and if needed start editing things that no longer serve you…











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