Do you ever wonder why some people do the things they do? Especially when it is not something positive, or uplifting, almost as if they purpose to make life difficult and go out of their way to be hurtful to others. I find this phenomenon prevalent in groups of women, perhaps it is the hormones mixing together that creates an atmosphere of animosity. At my age my patience is not like it used to be, maybe because I know the value of living each day to the fullest and that there is so much in this world that I want to conquer that I don’t have time for craziness. I listen and I observe and wonder what is going on with that pour soul that they are exuding so much anger. I just want to take all of them and throw them in a hot yoga class, so they can sweat together and see that we really are so much alike, when you take away the barriers and melt down the layers and become vulnerable and reveal our hearts to each other.

O.K. enough of that…some  fun stuff I discovered …

Holla doormat

Holla Doormat

Is this not cute…Available at Nordstrom for 50.00

Every year I send out holiday cards, this year will be my 24th. I am always looking for a new card, the last few years I have been ordering from minted, and since they send me a repeat customer discount card I think I will be ordering from them again. They have interesting designs, good turn around and excellent service. I will be referring clients to them this season as well.

minted foil holiday cards

minted foil holiday cards


I do yoga in spurts, I need to be more consistant, but sometimes stuff happens, but I’m back on the wagon and I just splurged and ordered a new mat, how could I resist…

Love these

Love these

28394104_060_b persianstyle_photo2


Available at anthropologie.  98.00

Speaking of anthropologie, I got the cutest “work” boot ever, when I am shooting I need to be comfortable, especially if I am out on location, I’m not the tennis shoe outside the gym type of girl, so when I found this boot online I was thrilled. It reminded me of one I liked by Valentino that was over the top–so this rustic version is perfect and was priced just right compared to the Valentino.

my boots

my boots 195.00


Valentino 1795.00

Valentino 1795.00

My other good bargain of the week a friend told me about the Trina Turk outlet in Alhambra–never new about this gem. I scored beautiful silk slips for my photo sessions for 10.00 each, I love the softness of sexy slips in my pics, everyone can wear these and they photograph so nicely. I also scored a beautiful Missoni inspired dress that I love for 80.00. Trina Turk Outlet 3025 West Mission Road Alhambra, 91803 626 872-0020 Trina Turk.

my slips...

my slips…

pretty missoni "like" dress 80.00

pretty missoni “like” dress 80.00

And lastly a sort of sad story about the oldest woman to do the NY marathon, who died the next day with her tennis shoes still on…she was 84 years old, and said she wanted to die running…another example of do what makes you happy. read it here.



Happy Wednesday Everybody,







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