Came across this quote today and I thought to myself, why not leave a little sparkle wherever you go? I’m a sparkly, glittery sort of girl, always have been as far back as I can remember. I love baubles, glitz , beads, sequins and shine, I’m happy when I’m glowing like a Christmas Tree. So when I read this quote, knowing how happy sparkly things make me–I figured I needed to make sure I leave a trail of sparkle dust wherever I go.

My Sparkle Plan:

Smile-means a lot and does so much more than a frown, the same in all languages.

Embrace– touch is so powerful- give hugs.

Listen– We are always in a rush or connected to our devices (me included) take the time to really listen and look into some ones eyes and actively listen.

Care-let some one know you really care about them and are concerned.

Love…unconditionally don’t judge.

So my friends go out today and sprinkle you sparkle dust…






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