Came across this quote today, and it really resonated with me, so of course I had to share it with all of you…



It is so easy to give up on dreams, especially when there is someone whispering in your ear discouraging words, of why you can’t do that. Usually it is someone that means well, a close friend or family member. When I graduated high school I wanted to go to the Fashion Institute of Design and become a buyer for a fabulous store and travel all around the world shopping. My mom of course had another dream for me, and it did not include FIDM, her theory was that I would end up working for The Broadway for minimum wage and that I would be better served going to the university to pursue a traditional career. So fast forward 30 plus years since high school graduation and I am still working on that day dream, never was successful at the “traditional” career piece. I am totally jazzed about photography and perhaps I will travel the world taking images and maybe publish one of those beautiful coffee table books filled with my view of the world…or maybe a book filled with incredible 50 plus year old women that are making a difference in this world.

What are your dreams? Are you living your daydreams? What is stopping you?



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