I connected with this quote. It is easy to focus on yesterday and the day before, especially if it is something negative, I have been guilty of this on many occasions. Does it really help? No. If anything those feelings come up to the surface again and put a damper on the current day. Each day is opportunity to embrace something new, go forward and keep it moving. Spending time on yesterday takes away from new experiences and memories you could be creating. Of course it is okay to share something the key is to know when to let it go. I’m still learning this…

On another note I read about something that uber is doing today in Los Angeles…puppy bowl. Sponsored by Animal Planet  every year around the same time as the Super Bowl, Uber and Animal Planet coordinated to provide the puppies, most which are available for adoption from local animal shelters. Between the hours of 11 and 3 you can order a uber to come to your office and bring puppies for you and your staff to play with for 15 minutes. The cost is 30.00 which goes to the local animal shelters. If I had an office in LA I know what I would be doing this afternoon…

Happy Wednesday,




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