“I don’t like to throw things away, but I also have the ability to end chapters of my life.”

– Helmut Lang

I came across this quote yesterday, I’m getting better at the “throwing things away” but every since the big “5-0” I’ve been able to “end chapters of my life” and keep it moving. Perhaps at the half century mark there is a sense of urgency to do it now or never. I have permission to to stop doing things that don’t enrich my life and to figure out what does work.

Closing chapters in my life allow me to move on to the next book. Some of the past books are best sellers, some are classics some are really bad…and some are unbelievable. All these “books” the good and the bad make up who I am today, I can’t erase this history, or pretend it does not exist. There are lots of characters in these books, some are in all the books and some have mysteriously disappeared.

I’m on a quest to discover the “best” me and let her shine, polishing some rough edges. I’m human and far from perfect, but if I work on “best” I know I will have a lot of “good” that will come to the surface and I’m okay with that. The consistent effort is what I am aiming for, developing habits that keep me on point. I want to be the character in the book that you love and admire, but at the same time you find her interesting, daring, a little racy, unpredictable and not boring at all.

On the physical note, I’ve recommitted to my body, this post half century body needs a lot of care like an old vintage car. Every since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis I have these nightmares of being a hunchbacked lady, so I have become obsessive with my strength training. My workouts are like doctor appointments, I have to go, I can’t reschedule. I don’t want the to be the hunchback heroine in my next book.

Have you closed any chapters? Working on a bestseller? Happy Tuesday!







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