Buddha Quote

Buddha Quote

The holidays have a way of bringing up all kinds of feelings. So when I stumbled upon this quote, I could not help but to think about how these principles are magnified at this time of year.

“How much you loved”, this one should be simple, but for many it is complicated. Love starts with self, and if you are having a challenge loving the one in the mirror, it is difficult to love others. The holidays have a way of mending hurt souls and bringing families together that may have had strife in the past. This past Thanksgiving all of my family was together, which was truly a miracle, we have certainly had our conflicts, but I was happy that we were all together and  to see my 82 year-old mother witness this, was priceless.

“How gently you lived” another one that should be simple, but is complicated as well. Our world is so crazy busy, shopping on Thanksgiving? Really? Trampling over other human beings to buy the latest game system, camping out in front of stores, I don’t get it…Each day I try to appreciate the simplicity of life. I’m not perfect and at times I too can get caught up in the rat race, but the older I get the more control I have over this behavior. I find it is much easier to exhale and move on, and focus on relationships and the things that have no price tag.

The last principle “How gracefully you let go of things that were not meant for you”  is the most difficult, because it conflicts with “love”, more than likely the thing you have to let go of was something you at some point loved, perhaps it was a husband, wife, significant other, or a friend. Most times depending on who initiated the “letting go” it can be a time of hurt and pain at the loss of the relationship. The holidays can be subtle reminders of time spent with that person, and depending on where you are in the healing process it can be difficult to be “graceful” when there are memories. I like to think that everything happens for a reason, even if at the time I don’t understand the “why”, but I try and concentrate on the good that came about because of the relationship and how it has contributed to the woman I am today. We have to have boundaries, and to the best of our ability surround ourselves with uplifting positive energy. I’m not saying if someone is not walking around “zen” like all the time, leave them alone, but you can be the catalyst for another person the inspiration for them, but just have a balance.

So my friends, go Love, Live and be Graceful!



Happy Monday



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