The FB likes have subsided, texts are few and I have heard from all my besties via phone and even had 2 serenade me. I am officially headed toward the next milestone birthday, seems like only yesterday I was celebrating my 40th.

Gigi @ 40

Gigi @ 40

My actual birthday was business as usual, driving a 100 plus miles, taking my son to his various appointments and then home to complete the arduous packing chore. I’m going to the Jack & Jill National Convention in Charlotte, I’m typically a light packer but as I stare at this agenda with all the suggested attire, I know this is going to be complicated. I will also be the official photographer for our region, which means packing my gear as well, with no “honey do” to help me.

By the time I’m done packing everything, my lower back starts to ache at the thought of dragging, and lifting all these bags. My travel buddy Marie graciously picked me up, I don’t think I could have driven another place.  Finally settled on my “redeye” flight seat 33 d, I’m surrounded by a 2 year-old convention, and I realized I forgot my hat…suggested attire for one of the luncheons. The flight was overbooked, not an empty seat, and I was happy all the babies all fell asleep.

This will probably be my last J&J convention, my son will be graduating out next year, I am looking forward to documenting the week, of course I will post my favorites here.

BTW on another note, if you must take a “redeye” not recommended if you are over 50…heheheh to hard. Here are a few tips.

1. Drink as much water-even more than you normally drink.

2. No alcohol! I repeat No Alcohol.

3. Slather your face with your favorite supa dupa “night” cream. Don’t be concerned about what you look like, this is a “redeye”.

4. Dress confortable and warm–those pashiminas you may have stockpiled from the past are perfect for this.

5. Try to sleep…

a little tea to wake me up

a little tea to wake me up

J & J flowers at registration

J & J flowers at registration

Happy Tuesday,



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