Post & Beam– And– A Film Screening

I love films especially independent films. Some where deep inside of me is a story waiting to be transformed for the big screen. I’m already taking baby steps toward making a little short reel for my photography bus, so of course I was excited to go to a screening of our friend, Fred Hawthorne’s film Inner City Champions this evening. Prior to going to the screening however, we made a quick pit stop to Govind Armstrong‘s restaurant Post & Beam, long overdue on my list, I have eaten at Willie Jane his Venice place, but I had not tried Post & Beam. Brad Johnson of (Georgia) one of my favs back in the day, is co-owner of this upscale eatery located outside of the Crenshaw mall.

Post & Beam

Post & Beam

Considering we did not have a reservation, I was delighted that we were able to walk right in and get a table. The ambience is dim and sexy, perfect place if you were undercover with someone you should not be with, another reminder that I need the flashlight app on my phone so I can read the menu. Being vegan Reggie and I are well versed at surveying a menu and quickly coming up with a few options at most places. We did not have much time, so our friendly server, made a few suggestions (pizza with sweet potato, mozzarella and kale), no thank, so we settled on a market salad which was delicious, black eyed peas sans the bacon, my husband’s fav succotash, heirloom tomato composed salad and corn bread. The portions were regular size perfect for sharing, presentation was nice, and overall good food. It was so dark I could not capture any pics. The menu has lots of interpretations of soul food dishes, wines by the glass and bottle and specialty cocktail menu. I will go back again when I can take my time and savior my meal.

Post & Beam Open daily for lunch and dinner and Sunday brunch 323 299-5599 3767 Santa Rosalia Drive Los Angeles

We arrived at Fred’s home just in time to grab a seat and watch the film. To my surprise, right before the screening a woman greeted me and told me that we were FB friends, she was here via Chicago, just moved here a few months ago. It is always nice when that happens and you meet someone who was a cyber friend.

Gigi & Robin

Gigi & Robin

Considering I am by no means a basketball historian, I found the story of these 2 players very interesting. The film chronicles the lives of Freeman Williams and Dwayne Polee , both from LA, attended Manuel Arts High School and had phenomenal basketball careers, but unfortunately due to various circumstances their NBA careers were very short. I realized that for every Magic, Kobe and Michael, there are millions of young men who never make it in the world of “ballers”.

I left the screening motivated, video is so powerful…I jazzed at the thought of my little “reel”.




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