What are you Passionate about?

Came across this article about  passion written by Amy Spencer, in the July/August issue of Health magazine. I was intrigued by this list of five signs that you have found that “special thing”.

  1. You’d do it for free…and, uh, probably do.
  2. You’ve lost track of time while doing it and only noticed when you smelled dinner burning.
  3.  At a party you could talk about it until the hosts are sweeping up at the end of the night.
  4.  You don’t mind if you aren’t good at it…
  5. …but the more you do it , the better you get at it–because you enjoy it so much.

Read the entire article here.

When I read this article I could not help but, reflect on my own life and ask myself what am I passionate about.

Relaxing on the beach

Relaxing on the beach (Photo credit: virtualphotographystudio)

Of course we are passionate about our families and loved ones, but I am referring to what gives your life purpose? My passions have been varied and most have been really simple. I have to be passionate about something, it is what keeps life fulfilling and interesting.

Here is my list of passions past and present. To make the list I have had to stay up all night, do it for free, talk to strangers about it–facebook counts, not necessarily be good at it and eventually get better at it because I keep doing it .

Yoga-I have not been practicing that long, and I am not one of the “gumby” girls in the class, but I love it and I keep going back even though there are days where I feel I am regressing. I get a rush from going to class and I feel at peace when I am done. I know there are asanas I may never do, but the desire or the thought that one day I may keeps me going back for another back bend.

Yoga Class at a Gym Category:Gyms_and_Health_Clubs

Music-In another life I know I was a DJ. I can stay up all night searching for music and listening to random bands. In our living trust I have a provision that states, if something should happen to me and it appears that I am not aware of my surroundings I want to have the latest “ipod” or listening device attached, so that I can listen to music.

ipod shuffle loja online leilao

ipod shuffle loja online leilao (Photo credit: sucelloleiloes)

Shoes-I have always had a facination with shoes, perhaps it is because I had to wear corrective shoes as a child. I can enter a shoe department and feel my heart start to flutter. I love looking at beautiful shoes, wearing them, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than finding a “dream” shoe on the sale rack with an additional mark down. Right when I think I am content and happy with my collection I see something else that makes me drool. This is the current shoe I’m lusting for:

Brian Atwood

Brian Atwood

Traveling-I love going places. It does not have to be an exotic destination, it can be an exit off a freeway that I have never taken.  I love going places near and far. I can enjoy a beach thirty minutes from my house or one around the world. I love planning trips and finding off the beaten path things to do.

Travel Guides

Travel Guides (Photo credit: Vanessa (EY))

Blogging-It’s 3:00 am, no explanation needed. Oh and when I’m not blogging I’m reading other blogs.

English: Monkeys Blogging Español: Simios blog...

English: Monkeys Blogging Español: Simios bloggeando (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Past and reoccuring passions: knitting (I go on binges where I knit nonstop), triathlon-ing (becoming obsessed with everything connected with the sport joining clubs etc.), raw veganism (embarrassing my kids when ordering in non-vegan restaurants), natural hair (always searching for the holy grail of products), photography (the need to take pictures of every and anything), and skiing (planning my winter around snow reports and justifying another jacket).

What are you passonate about? What makes you stay up like a fiend?





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