An Ordinary Day...

Wednesday, April 12th started off as an ordinary day. The alarm sounded off at 6:00 a.m. like it always did. Reggie did his work day morning ritual, showering, grooming, selecting a suit and accessorizing with the perfect accents for Read more

Why are some people mean?

Why are some people mean? I'm not talking about a little mean, but bazaar, go out of their way to be mean. Recently I've encountered a few mean people, I remind myself that these situations will make me a stronger Read more


Our last trip of 2016 was to the Maldives. Last year was one full of excursions, We traveled to Cameroon, Paris, Bali, Hawaii, New Orleans, New York, Chicago, Lake Tahoe, Atlanta, Napa, San Francisco, Dubai, and I must say Read more


It's okay to venture out of your comfort zone... Lately I've been doing it quite often. This weekend is going to be one of renewal, my personal Super Bowl. What are your plans? I will be working today and tomorrow. Happy Read more

Do you enjoy yourself?

Both of my kids are in New York, my son is in school in the Hudson Valley and my daughter is living in Brooklyn and working. So we are officially empty nesters, and have been so for a while Read more

Big Girl Slumber Parties

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I had a slumber party for my 12th birthday, I don’t recall all the details, but I remember how much fun it was. Staying up late, laughing, acting silly and those special bonding moments that took place after 24 hours of non-stop play. Those long nights were something I looked forward to, that special time with a small group of girls sharing stories and confiding little secrets with each other.

Now that I’m grown, my childhood slumber parties have now evolved to “girls weekends” and they are just as fabulous. We are all so busy, barely finding time to have coffee with a friend, so to spend a few days with girlfriends, sharing our lives, current situations, concerns and sometimes tears is truly special. Taking time away from your normal routine is an escape we all need occasionally.

I started going on my annual girls ski weekend 13 years ago. That first trip that started the traditional was to Whistler, we had a blast and have been going every year since. We have gone to Vail, Aspen, Sun Valley, Mammoth, Park City, Steamboat, Breckenridge, Snow Mass and a spa resort for good balance, this year we will be going to Heavenly Valley, Lake Tahoe.

#team girlie girl

#team girlie girl

The group of friends slightly changes year to year- as we all know how life can interrupt our fun, but the core is my friend Greta and I that start the ball rolling each year. Doing all the research finding the perfect house, condo, or resort, so the rest of the girls can just pack their bags and jump on the plane and land to “big fun” USA.

Gigi & Greta

Gigi & Greta

Ladies do you have any girl weekends that you go on? Guys? Any fishing trips, or super bowl weekend trips with the guys? Or any couple group trips?

spa weekend in Cali

spa weekend in Cali

Tips on planning a “girls weekend”.

  1. It is nice to have a focus or activity to come together for, ours is skiing- everyone does not ski, but we all come together to experience a bit of winter wonderland.
  2. Figure out who you want to extend the invite to. It is nice to have new and old friends attend, makes for interesting conversation and discovery.
  3. Plan in advance- booking lodging, airfare, restaurant reservations etc.. Most of us need time to juggle our real lives in order to escape reality so get your date set early.
  4. Have a loose schedule so there is space for time away from the group as well.
  5. Have Fun and make memories!


    of course the matching t-shirts

    of course the matching t-shirts



    Greta & Gigi

    Greta & Gigi

What are some of your favorite group trips?

Happy Wednesday!



Gigi’s Travel Tips

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gigi skiing

gigi skiing

Yesterday I returned from a whirlwind trip to Atlanta, to attend the PPA Imaging photography conference and then I went to Mammoth on a girls ski trip. Sufficed to say, I love to travel, but sometimes traveling can be stressful, especially getting through the airport process. Here are a few of my tips for making your travel experience effortless.

  1. A day before- check on your flight, print or download your boarding pass, hotel reservation, car rental or transportation and have your passport/ID handy.
  2. Make and use a packing list, I have a few that I created that really help so that I don’t forget anything. I have a photography gear list, gadget list, ski trip list, warm weather vacation list etc. that I print out prior to packing.
  3. Keep your toiletries bag packed and ready.
  4. Have a nice travel outfit that is comfortable and looks nice, I like to dress in layers-
  5. Invest in a good carry on tote that can carry your electronics, snacks, magazines, scarf, etc. pack it the day before with all your plane essentials.
    LV Tote

    LV Tote

    gucci tote

    gucci tote

    madwell tote

    madwell tote

  6. Download movies, videos, etc. on your phone or iPad .
  7. Headphones
  8. Backup Charger
  9. Bring magazines- I find cross country flights are a perfect time to get caught up.
  10. A large scarf is a must- I use mine like a small blanket- I’m glad I did not throw away all those pashminas that were so popular a few years ago. A travel pillow if you like that sort of thing-  the few times I brought one of those, there was no place to put it, and I always loose them anyway.
  11. Bring snacks/lite lunch- airport food is almost non-existent. I like to bring a couple pieces of fruit, protein bar, and tea bags.
  12. Skip 6, 7, 10 and 11 if you are flying business or first class.
  13. If you are not flying Business or first class- upgrade your flight so you can board early- I have to have my gear with me and I cannot have my bag taken due to all the overhead space being full.


  14. Perfume sample of your favorite scent.
  15. anti-bacterial wipes
  16. TSA Pre-check- I’m not officially signed up for this but 90% of the time this is printed on my boarding pass- really makes a difference if you a running late.
  17. Cute shoe that is easy to remove if you are not TSA Pre-check
  18. Socks or little slippers for long plane rides.
  19. Oh, and get to the airport- and allow plenty of time for the process…
  20. And lastly-be nice to the flight attendants and your fellow passengers .
    Photographer Gigi

    Photographer Gigi

    What are some of your travel tips? Do you have any trips planned for 2016? I have a few planned, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Bali, Chicago and maybe Kauai or some other tropical destination.

    XOXO Gigi


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Hope you have a great Martin Luther King weekend planned. I drove to Mammoth with 2 of my ski buddies. The 6 hour drive was smooth, we listened to my 6 hour playlist and chatted about current events, everything was fine until the last 10 miles, when we were welcomed with a bonafide snow storm, no chains on my car, and yes we past right by the chain monkeys- btw bless those guys that do that job.  I just drove crazy slow until we made it to the condo.

Another crazy thing that happened, I packed so fast I forgot my long coat! So I guess I will be making do with my ski jackets.

ski wear

ski wear

So are you taking advantage of the 3 day holiday ? What are your plans?




Home Sweet Home

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After the anxiety of getting to the airport, getting detained by TSA for water bottles, running to the gate, I am finally home. I’m a little wiser and excited about the infinite possibilities for my business. The conference inspired and delivered, which is good.

Sometimes, I think to myself, “What am I doing?” Why not just chill and lead the leisure life? Why do I dare to dream, dare to believe I can make a difference? It is challenging to establish a presence in a business where most of the people are half my age, but regardless I refuse to limit my ambition. Life is about growing, exploring and being the best you. The challenge keeps life interesting and accountable.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become consumed with the thought of how am I going to make a difference and what legacy am I going to leave behind. There is no time to waste on wishing for things to be different physically or materiality. I’m on this journey moving forward one step at a time or in my business one click at a time-

What are you dreaming about? Or think about this question, “If you could have one day back…any one day of your life to relive…a do over…” what would it be?

Happy Thursday !





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I stumbled across this quote tonight, as I was searching for some inspiration for my post. I’m in Atlanta for a conference, a city that I know nothing about- but like this quote I’m having a moment to find myself, since I am essentially “lost” in this city.

At this conference there are thousands of photographers here from all over the country. Lots of small groups, clustering around, chatting shop talk with each other, exchanging the typical “where are you from and what to you shoot” conversations. Not that I am invisible, but I am enjoying this moment of being anonymous and not engaging in the small talk and just being “lost”.

Going to workshops, listening to speakers, checking out all the widgets in the expo, is allowing me the space I need to figure out what direction I am going as an artist.

new widget...

new widget…my hip belt- that allows me to wear my camera on a belt so my hands are free so I can engage with my clients.

On another note I was saddened by the death of David Bowie. I loved him as an artist, and I feel as though I “know” Iman via magazines- I remember being so happy seeing her, a woman of color, in all the high fashion magazines and cutting out pictures of her when I was growing up. I also can only imagine her loss, after being married 24 years and watching your husband battle cancer, a disease that has certainly taken its toll on my family and friends.

David Bowie

David Bowie RIP

A moving post that Iman tweeted-



When was the last time you were “lost”? What did you discover about yourself? Share?

and remember to value each day, each moment-





25 Ways to Simplify your life

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One of the problems with going to a trade show is that you come back, full of excitement and ready to apply everything you learned. I guess that is the point of going, but in my case it can make my complicated life even more crazy. So that being said, when I get home I am determined to stay on task and not get distracted. 2016 is going to be a year of control and simplification- no distractions.



So here are 26 tips on simplifying your life.

  1. Get up 45 minutes earlier, than your normal time and take advantage of having a relaxed morning.
  2. This is a hard one for me, but get 8 hours of sleep. I am working on this one.
  3. Focus on your inner circle and don’t spread yourself to thin.
  4. Fine tune your business- and outsource so you can focus on what you do best.
  5. Pick your battles carefully- is it worth the energy?
  6. Prepare more meals at home.
  7. Find the good in everyone.
  8. Let go of anything that is keeping you down…
  9. Organize…one day I will be done.
  10. Surround yourself with Love.
  11. Take technology breaks- really working on unplugging-
  12. Wear your “fitbit” or other device- my is on my nightstand.
  13. Spend time in your garden- or plant one.
  14. Be Friendly!
  15. Return emails.
  16. Write a letter to someone, who would not ever expect a letter from you.
  17. Be accommodating –
  18. Don’t expect something of others that you are not capable of doing.
  19. Complete tasks.
  20. Slow down.
  21. Exhale.
  22. Move your body daily.
  23. Take a nap.
  24. Read a book- for pleasure- or listen to one during your commute.
  25. Be humble.
  26. Be grateful.

    gigi                                                                                                                  Happy Wednesday! Today is going to be a long travel day.


    Xoxo- Gigi

Gigi in Atlanta

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Gigi & Tea

Gigi & Tea

Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’m traveling solo this week. I’m at a photography trade show in Atlanta, a city I have only visited a couple of times. Although I looooove traveling with my husband and family it is nice to travel alone occasionally. I decided to go to this conference at the last minute, not realizing that all the host hotels were sold out, so as a result I am staying at  the Ritz Carlton, which is away from all the activity, which is kind of nice.

My Room

My Room- serene-


Thank goodness for my big coat!

The weather is really cold- freezing and windy, but I’m prepared for the most part. I don’t have a hat, but my hair is not really hat friendly.

uhm- not hat friendly at all

uhm- not hat friendly at all

I don’t know anybody here, so I’m floating about anonymously, which is kind of nice. I can be an observer and concentrate on absorbing the knowledge I came here to receive. I have all my electronics with me so I have plenty to keep myself busy.

One of the highlights of the day was the keynote speaker, Amy Purdy, the young woman who at age 19 contracted a form of meningitis and as a result both of her legs had to be amputated below the knee, she lost both her kidneys, and her spleen had to be removed.

She is an actress, model, world-class snowboarder and 2014 Paralympic bronze medalist, professional speaker, clothing designer, past contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and author of On My Own Two Feet: From Losing My Legs To Learning The Dance Of Life.

She made me realize there really is no excuse- we all have the ability to do and be successful at whatever we envision no matter what blocks may be in the way.

Check out her Ted Talk…and you will see what I mean.

Well I have to be up early to start my classes, so signing out-



Reggie’s Birthday

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Reggie’s birthday was yesterday, his 64th no less. Funny that our numbers are going up but we don’t “feel” whatever that age is supposed to feel like. We will be celebrating this month, starting with dinner tonight. In a couple of weeks we will go to Las Vegas with friends and I have a few other surprises planned. I asked Reggie did he feel “64” and they are battling diseases that have taken a toll on their bodies, although I have high blood pressure, I know if I were not exercising and eating a plant based diet I probably would not be celebrating my 64th birthday.”

I love birthdays and over the years we have had a lot of parties- here are a few pics I found from some of those shindigs.

Reggie celebrated 63 years on planet

Reggie celebrated 63 years on planet – we had a little house party.

one of the 50 something birthdays

one of the 50 something birthdays I can’t recall which one- the only clue is I was wearing my hair straight – so this may have been about 10 or 12 years ago.

Husband & I birthday 61?

Husband & I birthday 61 I can tell by my “big hair don’t care” oops the the grey mustache…hehehe

60th St. Lucia

60th St. Lucia- we went with 4 of our dear friends and had a blast-


birthday – maybe 57? that purple dress is kinda old…

another one of the 50 something birthdays

One of the 40 something birthdays…I can tell by my hair and the thick dark mustache

Reggie 58th b-day

Reggie 58th b-day

surprise party I think 59th

surprise party I think 59th- close friends met us at a restaurant-

Next year will be one of those milestone birthdays, perhaps we will go away somewhere or maybe another party- all I know is we will celebrate-

Are you obsessed with celebrating birthdays like me? Growing up I had a birthday party for my 6th birthday, a slumber party for my 12th and that was it…so I think I am making up for all the years I did not have birthday celebrations.

How do you typically celebrate birthdays?





50 ways to deal with a crisis

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If you are on this planet long enough, you will be confronted with a crisis. One that will just appear out of no where, trust me you won’t see it coming, cause if you had you would have blocked it immediately. When in crisis mode initially you may feel as if you are falling apart, everything seems impossible, and there is no way out, trust me there is.

So I compiled a list of “50 things to do in a crisis”…

  1. CRY- as much as you want to, especially in the beginning.
  2. Have at least one person you can trust.
  3. Yoga- lots of it…hip openers are really good.
  4. Have an inner circle that can help you.
  6. Take long hikes.
  7. Take long hot baths with bath salts or bubbles.
  8. Educate yourself about your crisis.
  9. Stay busy- keep up your routine.
  10. Get an adult coloring book.
  11. Know that the silent tears will soon dry up.
  12. Take care of yourself.
  13. Accept.
  14. Find something that makes you laugh
  15. Stay engaged-don’t become a recluse
  16. Forgive
  17. Meditate
  18. Grieve- It’s okay- loss is usually part of a crisis.
  19. Don’t focus on “why me?”
  20. Be truthful
  21. Don’t give up.
  22. It will get better
  23. Dig deep and find that inner strength .
  24. Follow your heart.
  25. Embrace your family
  26. Be resilient.
  27. Be Kind.
  28. Don’t abuse your body i.e. self-medicate.
  29. Learn something.
  30. Don’t let yourself go.
  31. Don’t stay in pajamas all day everyday
  32. Seek Professional help.
  33. Keep your routine.
  34. Get massages.
  35. Get some sunshine and fresh air.
  36. Apologize.
  37. Reinvent yourself.
  38. Dress up.
  39. Clean your house- even if you have professionals clean, just do it.
  40. Open a bottle of champagne and sip it through a straw.
  41. Think about the future .
  42. If you have someone in your life cling to them…especially in a crisis.
  43. Smell the roses.
  44. Cook.
  45. Drink exotic teas like my favorite from Harney & Sons “Paris”.
  46. Write a handwritten not on real paper
  47. Call someone on the phone and real conversation.
  48. Find joy in simple pleasures.
  49. Smile.
  50. Love as much as you can…
  51. SLEEP get your REST.
    self portrait #10

    self portrait #10


    Have a wonderful Thursday my pretties… I have an incredibly busy day ahead of me. It is my Hubby’s birthday!




Show Reel

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A showreel is an actor’s main marketing tool as it acts as a kind of visual CV or resume showcasing their best work.

I’m pretty active on a few social media platforms. I share a lot about my life, my family, glimpses into what I like, places I go, things that I do and sometimes frivolous posts showing what I am wearing. Is it a true portrayal of who I am 24/7? No, of course not, it is the showreel version, the highlights that I choose to share.

Being a photographer, most of my pics are going to be well lit, I know how to pose my body just so, but I too have those days when I run to the store looking a “hot mess” or days where I am not smiling cause I am having a personal meltdown the pics that are never posted. My life is far from perfect, I have my share of disappointments and personal struggles.

It is easy to sometimes scroll Facebook and peek into the lives of remote acquaintances and marvel at what they are doing, or maybe see friends socializing and you realize you were not part of the party and you get that weird feeling because you feel you were left out.

I have some close friends that are not on social media, I used to encourage them and tell them they were missing out on all the fun, but are they really? I wonder sometimes…

Recommitting to my blog, I have added a self imposed pressure to try and engage and provide fresh content. I have to balance living in the moment and sharing a part of me that perhaps will inspire, make someone laugh or at least smile, but at the same time I want to be authentic and be able to share my truth…I hope that will be okay.

cat eyed gigi

cat eyed gigi

glad to be back for those of you that are still there…I’d love to hear from you and how 2016 is going so far.





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