Oprah-Embracing her Natural Hair

Oprah Embracing Her Natural Hair

Oprah Embracing Her Natural Hair

Oprah Winfrey posed for the September cover of O magazine with her natural hair- no blow dryer, flat iron, press etc.. Oprah’s natural “do” is making headlines. Her hair looks fabulous! It is sad though, that an African-American woman wearing natural hair in 2012 would make the news. Some articles are discussing how “natural” is her hair -does she have a mild relaxer? I’m not concerned with if she did a braid out, twist out, air dry, I’m happy that a public icon would embrace her textured hair for the world to see.

As a natural curly girl, my journey has been a long one. I wore my hair relaxed and straight for most of my life. It was the standard that I grew up with, that long straight hair was beautiful and short kinky hair was not. I began to question that reasoning when I could not remember what my natural hair texture looked like. After my son was born I stopped relaxing my hair, and I have never looked back. What I found most interesting is that my friends and family were most concerned with my natural hair transformation. I had to explain that I was not making a political statement and that I was not against European inspired hair styles, I was just embracing my authentic self.

Gigi with flat ironed hair

Gigi with flat ironed hair

Gigi rocking her natural curls

Gigi rocking her natural curls


British Nigerian film maker Zina Saro Wiwa’s hair documentary “Transition” chronicles her journey to wearing her natural hair and the natural hair movement taking place with women of color who are now embracing their natural hair and all its glory.

Interesting article and video. by Zina Saro Wiwa

What are your thoughts on Oprah’s “natural” hair on the cover of her magazine?





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