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Breaking the 55 speed limit, has its bumps in the road- not that I’m obsessed with my body, but yes I do want to be  fit and healthy and if a side benefit is a toned physique I’ll take that. So I’m on top of my workout game, which is keeping me sore on most days. Working out in a high intensity class where you are the eldest in the room will take a toll on you, but I’m doing it. I just want to keep the middle age spread at a distance, I don’t want to come face to face with it, at least not at this point, I still like body conscious clothes and want to rock them for a bit more.

So as I’m limping around this weekend, I came across this photography project called 4th trimester bodies, which is a collection of images of women and their small babies showcasing their bodies. The images are so real and raw, these mothers and their post birth soft bodies are beautiful. I started thinking about the standard of “body beauty” that women are judged by and who sets that. Like why am working my butt off to have flat abs, some sort of waist and a tight ass…all of which may be mission impossible anyway.

In my own business, I photograph a lot of women and most no matter what size or age they are will immediately zoom in on their bodies and ask if something can be tweaked with a little photoshop. I remember when I was younger, a lot younger in my 20’s I thought I was the “bomb”, now I get 20 something year-old gorgeous girls that want images photoshopped, but I guess we are living in a world where celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, and Bey are photoshopping instagram pics, so everyone has a warped sense of reality.

Then there are the diets, the juice cleanse, paleo diet, atkins, master cleanse, gluten free, HCG 500 calorie and countless others, all of which work if you follow them, it is when you go back to eating “normal” that all the weight returns sometimes even more than what you started with and now a jacked metabolism where you look at a cookie and gain weight. I personally love good food to much, which is my problem, and could never stick with any plan long term, especially the low calorie ones, where the weight comes off so fast and the consequence is a sunken in face, not good for my age demographic. So the trade off fat butt and full face or skinny butt and sunken face…I chose the first one.

So friends as difficult as it is, lets work toward acceptance and stop the self loathing–cause at the end of the day there is always going to be some one thinner, younger, tighter body etc. just be the best version of you. So I will work on loving my golden age body, and the bumps and lumps that I have earned over the half century it has been on the planet. I’ll do my workouts for my overall well being, BTW nothing feels better than a good sweaty workout- and I’ll take any cosmetic gains as well.

Happy Monday

Xoxo Gigi

Gigi @ 55

Gigi @ 55


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