On being Grateful…

If you are reading this you more than likely have a “device” of some sort or you are sitting at a computer.

You probably have a home or apartment, you ate yesterday (if you did not it was because you were fasting), you slept last night in a bed or stayed up binge watching something on cable.

You may have a spouse, significant other, children, parents, siblings and friends as well.

You may have a career, a business, a job, be a student, or you may be retired.

You may be going to the gym, or yoga, hiking, bike riding or taking a pilates class, finishing your workout drinking a gallon of  filtered water to hydrate your body.

You get you hair “done” or like me you have a special closet full of hair potions and lotions, manicures, pedicures, etc. are what you do, you kept up your “beauty” routine just like you maintain your car service schedule.

Just looking at the news or reading the paper I am reminded and humbled of how good my life is…and most of the people I know- but how that is not the norm for many. People are really struggling with all sorts of challenges- health problems, financial, legal, family dynamics, relationships you name it, if you are not suffering you are truly blessed.

I am reminded daily to practice gratitude, because life could change in a moment- the older I get the more I see this happening.

No matter where you are on your life journey…there is so much to be thankful for…Practice Gratitude-

Happy Thursday.



Gigi & Tea

Gigi & Tea



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